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I have included two pictures this morning... They should speak for themselves... but just in case... On the one hand we start off with the odometer of my truck here in chilly Akron... Yes that dash represents NEGATIVE... Two pairs of gloves on and my fingers are still going numb... The second pic...
Please visit   Now priced at $274,000  
    NOI stands for NET OPERATING INCOME. To get to NOI, you must first start with the Gross Income (rentals, laundry, etc) minus % for Vacancy which leaves the Adjusted Gross Income.  Taking this number, you then apply the operating expenses (i.e. - Management, Maintenance, repairs, utilities, re...
Is now the time to chase a dream? Is now the time to buckle down and cement a reputation for yourself in RE? These questions, of course, can only truly be answered by the person contemplating them...  We recently added a new agent to our office who is family and most likely the long-term future o...
I am the tie that binds a deal together!  I am not over-confident, in fact, I am simply stating the view from my perspective. A promise that is in the below video from the 2:25 moment and on, sums up how I feel about an agents role in catalyzing a transaction! "You will never see a player, play a...
A solid game with some classic moments... Gators stopping Oklahoma on the 1 yard line on consecutive 3rd and 4th down runs to keep points off the board. Now each QB had 2 TD's and 2 INT's, but I feel the Bradford (OU) INT on the 1-yd of Florida seconds before halftime was more devastating, as at ...
This year, pain to replace gain... Nary a bright spot in CoStar Group's first ever state of the Market/Industry Outlook... The pain felt throughout the U.S. housing market over the past two years is going to catch up with commercial real estate in 2009 when the country will begin to see spikes i...
I am prepared to roll with the changes that are occuring on my Activerain page, even gravitating towards them and making them part of the norm...       My Question to the Activerain main person or the Activerain members is... How do I now edit my blogs... I have one blog that has a broken link an...
With the kickoff of the Fiesta Bowl this evening, not only will the hopes of Buckeye Nation resonate with the team, but the reputation of the Big Ten as well.  Heading into the game the Big Ten is 1-5 in this seasons bowl games.  Only Iowa defeating a wildly overmatched South Carolina team 31-10...
Page Ranking is Dead (Picture from movie, "Boondock Saints") Randy Eagar's company, WebsTarget, gets agents top rankings and is endorsed by Broker/Agent. Randy Eagar makes some terrific points in the above article and if you are not already doing some of the aforementioned content, then 2009 is t...


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