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It's late and I feel like supporting my team, who is currently crushing Vanderbilt 42-7 heading into the 4th quarter. It certainly appears that the Florida Gators will have a good opportunity to play for the National Championship this year. #3 Penn State lost today Most likely #4 Florida will end...
Now, if your reading this, even though "Blogging" would be an obvious Part 2, we are going to assume that your already doing this part and we will call Part 2 ~ Print Advertising Prospecting   Now we all do some form of print advertising, whether it be the local newspaper, harmon homes/grocery st...
Part 1 - The World Wide Web There are so many sites online (i.e. Activerain, craigslist, loopnet, etc) which can elevate your listing from its file on that shelf behind you to a nice married couple looking for that perfect diversification to their portfolio. I enjoy taking a quick video of the ou...
Fully Occupied Duplex... Make Offer  Asking $85,000  ---  Reduced from $114,000  --- WILL ENTERTAIN ALL REASONABLE OFFERS!!! PLEASE VISIT
I was perusing Commercial Real Estate articles and news online and came across this article which supports multi-family and touches on a couple different aspects of Commercial Real Estate. Top 10 Tips for 2009   1. Investors should sit tight; opportunities will surface at significant discounts. 2...
I received a variation of this in an email a while back, and this morning, when I logged onto my facebook account to update my...  ((Sean is "enter witty comment here" slogan )), I saw my ol' friend Randy Tomasso and his recent communication between us and it got me thinking. Randy is stationed i...
I am a positive person by nature and a skepticist by my Real Estate experiences.  So it is in that light, that I ask the arena of Activerainers who actively trumpet the wisdom of this community.... What exactly has Activerain brought you? Has it brought you verifiable transactions? Has it brought...
Let's just recap on some of Ohio's taxes: Ohio Sales Tax Ohio Income Tax (withholdings for employees & your Sch. C) Local Income Tax Commercial Activity Tax (CAT) (broken link) Ohio Department of Job and Family Services Ohio Bureau of Worker's Compensation School District Tax (where applicable) G...
I have completed quite a few recent transactions in which my broker and myself take a note from our client on behalf of the buyer completing his fiscal responsibilities. Obviously this may put a dent in the immediate wallet, but alas we make the same interest the seller makes from the buyer and r...
Guaranteed to put you in a good mood   Enjoy!! and Have a safe and Ghoulish Halloween Weekend! ~ Sean Dreznin


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