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I happened upon a post whilst perusing blogs and some interesting reading material and happened upon Steve's blog titled, "Activerain's Theme Song", and embedded within the post was a classic song.   Now, the song, "Cheers" was there thanks to, which is a very cool site and just takes a c...
  The bailout line keeps getting longer. Now you see Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn in Wedding Crashers, but I aimed to take a moment in time still pic and capture an emotion that might translate to you as you read this.  The picture might say, "Come on and help me out a little!"  or maybe it says,...
This is an article I read this morning from The Plain Dealer in Cleveland.   As I sit and wonder about things, like less people shopping, my friend who has lowered the thermostat to 52 degrees and was putting on an extra sweater to save some money this winter, I came across this story and thought...
Below find calender and events descriptions and dates for Downtown Akron... Do Downtown November 20, 2008 Newsletter   Greetings from Downtown Akron Partnership!Check out all the great promotions listed below, new promotions are being added all the time!   Lock 3 - Ice RinkLock 3 ParkNovember 21-...
Akron Art Museum Calender November Sat 22  Special Everyday Art: Circuit Bending with Sound Artists BEATRIX*JAR December Thu 04  Sketching in the Galleries: Additive and Reductive Approaches to Drawing with Sarah Sutton Sat 06  Studio Classes for Kids: Exploring Printmaking, Personalized Prints f...
Recent Sales   Bailey Plaza Sale SummaryType: Neighborhood Retail CenterSize: 20,000 square feetLocation: Cuyahoga Falls, OHPrice: $1,100,000Cap Rate: 10.42% Ashby Arms Sale SummaryType: Multi-family Apartment ComplexSize: 15 unitsLocation: Shaker Heights, OHPrice: UndisclosedCap Rate: 9.34% Apa...
In searching my last name and my families history, I happened upon a distant relative who is awesome!!! Granted looking up a last name like Dreznin isn't as difficult as, say, Smith or Jones, but alas, I found a relative named Sergei who is a famous composer and pianist.  Quite cool in my book an...
For anyone that loves the Colbert Report, this is one of my favorite installment videos of his 434 part series called, "Better Know a District", which is hilarious...  Be CAREFUL... You May Pee yourself a little. The premise of these interviews is to sit down with a respected politician and striv...
Some office pictures of the first real snow of the year!  I am usually a positive guy, but the negative news all over the media finally got to me this morning and my "Sky is Falling" original post echoed this.  So in rebuttal to that, here are some pictures of snow in downtown Akron.  The classic...
I have read so many eclectic blogs on here from SEO to residential staging to mortgage rates to fall season photogs to how to market successfully.... But what is starting to grind my gears is the fact that very few of the "Featured" blogs deal with our economic crisis.  I realize the activerain c...

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