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HOW TO CELEBRATE FESTIVUS... For those of you not familiar with Seinfeld, Festivus is a fictional holiday that has taken on a life of its own.  Created by Frank Costanza as an alternative to the marketing onslaught that is Christmas.  Mr. Costanza was fed up with all the religious and commercial ...
Great gesture that takes all of 3 minutes and will mean so much more.Xerox is helping the morale of our troops by offering a free card to be sent on your behalf to make the day of a service person someone in Iraq or another part of the world.It just takes a minute to go to Xerox's website they ha...
Of the 300+ homes sold in November in Summit County, almost 1/3 - (91) - went for less then $30,000.   That helps explain why November sales figures were dismal in the Akron area compared with a year ago, according to the latest report from the Akron Area Board of Realtors. Home sales for the mon...
  12/19/2008 Online Art Auction City of Akron Recreation Bureau 12/19/2008 Machines at Play Akron Art Museum 12/19/2008 Dreamland: By Neil MacDonald Akron Art Museum 12/19/2008 Heresies: A Retrospective Akron Art Museum 12/19/2008 Kaleidoscope 2008/Art Demo Summit Artspace 12/19/2008 Festival of...
Sandler always brings home the hypothetical turkey bacon! Here is the most updated Adam Sandler Happy Chanukah song (Part 3), it has a special appearance from a young choir and Rob Schneider... "You can do it!" Enjoy and have a Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy....... Chanukah! This year it runs from De...
The Fed cut the Key Interest Rate to .25%, that is 1/4 percent or 25 basis points... Sounds like Good news! This should mean the prime rate mirrors the drop and reduces down to 3.25% from 4%.  These are unseen rates and will hopefully spur some lending in the immediate future. The looming threat ...
This story made my brain actually freeze up for a small period of time, while the sheer volume and logistics of this project began to form in my feeble mind... I thoroughly enjoy the ironic hypocrisy this story elicits... A middle east country over-indulging and flaunting pure waste and elitism, ...
Oklahoma's Sam Bradford wins the 2008 Heisman Trophy.  Bradford beat out last years winner Florida QB Tim Tebow and Texas QB Colt McCoy. In the voting/points breakdown, Tebow actually had more first place votes (309) than Bradford (300) but the Sooner QB totaled 1,726 points. McCoy was second wit...
Cash is King versus the Battered Commercial Real Estate Market.  This is the sentiment from Commercial Real Estate professionals affiliated with CCIM Institute. The liquid position "Cash", tops other investments such as Office Buildings, Apartments, Retail Centers and other commercial properties....

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