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Investigators are trying to figure out whether the financial fraud allegedly perpetrated by Bernard L. Madoff was, in fact, the largest Ponzi scheme in history. The alleged scam, which cost investors $50 billion, sounds like a classic Ponzi racket. But what is a Ponzi scheme? And why does it bear...
  EVALUATING MARKET OPPORTUNITIES *  Table selection is the most important decision you can make. *  It's okay to switch tables if you discover it's too hard to win at your table. *  If there are too many competitors (some irrational or inexperienced), even if you're the best it's a lot        h...
Ok...   So there is obviously a cream of the crop in the say the least... Boston Celtics 27-3 (tied the best 30 game start in NBA history) (Still the champs!) Cleveland Cavaliers 26-4 (15-0 @ home - the only undefeated home team left) (ummm, Lebron actually has a team around him now... ...
John Chaliss was an inspiration to many, just by simply "doing and being".  A young man who's strength of spirit transcended his withered and tired body shows a softer side in this video.  His family is wonderful and extremely supportive and it is a blessing that we can get a glimpse of this youn...
I stumbled upon this after reading a few posts from a local agents page.  A nice breakdown of the ActiveRain points system.As a Marketing & Business Consultant, I love to deconstruct things to see what they are made of (there's that pesky preposition ending again, so I'm adding this parenthetical...
$82 Million for A.J. Burnett     = $16,500,000 p/ year $160 Million for C.C. Sabathia = $20,000,000 p/year $180 Million for Mark Teixera  = $22,500,000 p/year   this is not counting the players they already pay annually... including..... Player Salary (US$) 1. Alex Rodriguez 28,000,000 2. Derek J...
Another installment in today's Get up, Get Going, Feel Alive Series! This video was sent to me via my cool Aunt!  We all hopefully have the cool aunt and I was a little concerned when the video started, but not even 1 minute in and I was hooked!  Great stuff and surprising sounds eminating from a...
This feels like a day we all sometimes need a boost or we let the little things get to us.... traffic jams, rude people, bad weather, annoying relatives, appliance breakdowns, etc... I'm there now, and after I watched a video submitted by Tami Vroma, I started to fill the void left by the negativ...
I am still feeling somewhat like I am mired in an overwhelmed SEO - internet sludge that embeds (notice the suave mention of keywords) me into an exhausted feeling sometimes. That is when I go to a site called This is a favorite of ActiveRain Guru's like Jason Crouch and others, but enou...

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