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Current market conditions affect all of us in different ways. Make the most of the market moves with updated advice and knowledge that took years of experience and education to gather.
Breaking News (but not really...)- FAX is Dying! Why? With the advent of VoIP (voice over Internet) scanning, and SmartPhones, it's MUCH more efficient to scan & e-mail or even share directly via GoogleDocs, MS Groove, or a number of other file share apps available now. FAX currently has MAJOR is...
Seems we'll not be able to see the sun for a few more days with California continuing to burn, but that has no effect on the "sunshine." Despite the news of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, Lake Tahoe is spiking - perhaps not as we would like, but an increase none the less. This has been attributed by...
Screening tenants - possibly one of the most important and cost-effective practices of property management:Of course, meeting tenants in person is one of the best ways to get to know them, combined with background and reference checks, but what about out-of state tenants moving in, vacation rente...
We've all seen them - STOP FORECLOSURE!The signs litter grocery stores and fill the classified ads.  In this market, is that such a bad thing?  Foreclosures are at an all time high with defaulting loans as a regular occurrence.  Who will save the economic bacon of this area? A different type of i...
Zillow has posted a home value indicator  for 4th quarter. It shows percentage decline/increase in values by area with color values . Check it out: we all know Zillow has it's faults, it's an indicator in it's own right by comparison. ...
Two main factors are affecting the market beyond what even the financial experts can predict:1. Housing is now within an affordable range again, and 2. Emotions of buyers are being given a boost by Fed rate cuts and the impending election.Emotions drive almost all markets, from stock to real esta...

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