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How easily are you lead?Ever read something and think "Wow, there is just something not right about that."Or how easy is it that sometimes we just want to believe something and not question the topic?Item in question for this post is what is the real story about President Donald J. Trump throwing...
Learning new tricks.Someone said that "You're never too old to learn".  I believe that.Recently I've been photographing Hummingbirds.  Now that's a neat trick if you have the time and patience to learn.First, I need to know at what exposure to set my camera at.Second, I need to have a good area t...
Hummingbirds This is the time of the year when most folks in the lower 48 States get to see the hummingbirds.If you blink, you miss them, they are so fast.  Best way to get to see them is to have a feeder in your yard.You may have to keep a good watch on the feeder however because they come and g...
Goethals Bridge To Close After 89 YearsNews alert New York City, Staten Island trafficFriday night 9 June 2017, the old bridge will be closed to traffic until late Saturday 10 Jun 2017 when the New Bridge will be open to EAST bound traffic.  The next day, Sunday 11 June 2017 the WEST bound lanes ...
June 6, 1944, D Day in Normandy.  Many brave men died, many wounded.  Let us never forget them.Let's go to June 6, 2017.  What did you see in your local newspaper?  What did you see on the internet?  What media do you follow?  Did they mention the brave men who died there 73 years ago.  Did they ...
I'm looking to cut my cableDid you cut your cable and what did you replace it with?I'm finding I not watching much live TV anymore, anything worth watching I can see later on Roku or youtube within a few hours.  I can also see very important events live on my facebook feed.So, I'm thinking of cut...
What can we believe when facts are left out?Whatever we are writing or talking about, if we leave out important facts, what does that do to our credibility? How can people believe anything we say or write when we do that?Case in point.  Today I read an article in the Washington Post about a warm ...
Half the news, biased news or all the news.  What do you want?Going through the news this morning, I came across a few different stations reporting on an important story.  One station gave only half the story, another gave a different slant to the story and a third included many important facts t...
What did you send your representative to Congress for?Did you send them to not show up for work?Are you OK with them not showing up to do the job you sent them to do?I for one are not OK with that.Some didn't even show up to vote no today.What say you? 
More false news, or dishonest, you decideSeveral "news" sources reported a story about one of President Donald Trump's cabinet appointments foreclosed on a 90 year old widow for a twenty-seven cent payment error.False.  Either these people intentionally lied or were not competent "news" sources. ...

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