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This time of year everyone is out busily buying gifts, preparing food, decorating, and shopping for the perfect tree.   It is also important to cut back on costs this year for many of us.  We can easily do this and go green at the same time, by limiting the amount of time you have your christmas ...
We are preparing for our Green Awards Ceremony tonight, and wanted to blog  on some green news to get us ready.   This Article from the Baltimore Sun by Tim Wheeler highlights Green Roofs, which we are seeing more and more in Homes to conserve energy. Green roofs are sprouting all over these days...
Recruiting agents is something every Broker has had to go through.  What do you look for when interviewing agents? If you are an agent, what do you look for in the office?  Thanks!
We are into "going green" and found an interesting article saying the White House was now going back to solar panels, after President Bush had them removed. We know going green can save energy, and could be a great tool in selling homes.  Do you think going green appliances/homes will be a thing ...
Here's some tips from Halloween-safety.com for your kids, to help keep you safe on Halloween night! Some of these ideas are called "common sense" ideas, that means that they are things that you should know and use every day in life. You are never too young to learn! Never, ever go into a stranger...
When dealing with buyers, in most situations they want to see what is out there.  We have had agents showing clients many homes in one day, from morning to night.  My question is do you set limits for your buyers? Saying you will show only 6 homes today, or setting a time limit?  It seems that mo...
In this business I am aware it is common for agents to go from one office to the next often.  Why do you think that is? Our company is trying to recruit 10 Loudoun County, VA agents if anyone knows an agent ready to switch to Real Living.  Thanks!
Open Houses can be an extremeley effective way to not only market your listing, but gain potential buyers/sellers.  What are some of your open house tips?
Real Living Evergreene Properties has taken an interest in Going Green, and our goal is to be a source for a source for Universal Housing Design and Programs to meet the special needs of our clients. We are interested in other businesses that are trying the Going Green approach, and are intereste...
This article is back from 2006, but it still highlights the concern for safety in the real estate field. Texas Murder Raises Concerns For Real Estate Agent Safety by Glenn Setzer on   The brutal murder of Sarah Ann Walker in McKinney, Texas early this month has again spotlighted a perennial topic...

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