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If you drive by the office located at 6632 Monticello Rd, and wonder where did they go?  Have no fear.  Same great people, in the same wonderful neighborhood, we have just moved across the street.Come on by and check out the new digs.  We'd love to see you!!
CAR SEAT INSTALLATION You might think that anyone who can read an instruction manual and follow directions could install a car seat.  In reality, though, it's not so easy.  And accordin to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, as many as 85 percent of all car seats are improperly in...
  According to Safe Kids USA, over a recent five-year period, twice as many child pedestrians have been killed on Halloween as have been killed on average throughout the rest of the year in the United States.  With the days getting shorter, children are likely to be trick-or-treating in the dark ...
When people get ready to walk across a public road, they usually look both ways first to see if any motor vehicles are coming.  Unfortunately, this isn't the case with animals, including certain large ones. Too often, the result is a motorist's nightmare: a collision with a deer! The animal usual...
Whether it's the work of an elaborate theft rings or random individual crime, auto theft is big business.  On average, according to the Insurance Information Institute (III) a vehicle is stolen every 29 seconds in the United States at a cost of about $7.4 billion a year in 2007.  Insurance for th...
Many of our dreams are dependent upon the choices we make throughout our lives.  That's why planning carefully and making smart choices will help ensure you realize your financial dreams and goals. Are you saving for a child's college eduction or a new house?  Dreaming about starting a new busine...
As you may or may not know one of my passions is health insurance.  There is no reason that anyone should take the risk of not having coverage.  There are so many options available, at reasonable costs.  One of the many reasons health insurance costs have continued to climb is due to the rising h...
Who needs life insurance? If someone depends on you, you probably need life insurance.  If you were to die today, life insurance would provide cash to your dependents that can help meet everyday living expenses, pay down the mortgage, finance longer-term goals like education and retirement, and g...
As a small business owner you have a lot riding of your success.  Chances are you've invested an enormous amount of money and effort to get it - and keep it - going. So one of the most important things you can do for yourself is to make sure it's all properly protected. What insurance do I need? ...
Most of us have been recieving our open enrollment notification from employers.  This is the time year when we review our health insurance, 401k, and other benefits.  Many people are seeing an option being offered for the first time.  Many employers are now offering what is called a High Deductib...

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