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Condos tend to be a great starter purchase for Millennials.  There are a few things to keep in mind, however.  After being miserable in a condo for months, I moved out. I really wish someone had given me these tips:1. Know EXACTLY what is included with your unit. The sales people always show you ...
Lawsuits by home buyers who have “buyer’s remorse” appear to be happening more and more with the increase in sales and purchase prices in Colorado.   What may have seemed to be a dream home, may have overextended the buyer financially or the upkeep of the large home may cause some “buyer’s remors...
As with most children, mine would get upset and whine about doing "chores."  What they might not have realized until they left home was I was trying to teach them some life skills that would later on become important.  Here are a few things to teach your kids before they leave home: 1.   Laundry....
Although this was written for my mediation site (katiecolemanmediation.com), it also applied to the business/real estate world.If you have been in the dating world lately, you constantly see people state, “I don’t do drama” or “I am easy-going and not a ‘drama queen.’” What IS “drama?” According ...
The Denver real estate market is rocking and it seems like a no-brainer that your home will sell quickly. The neighbor's home was under contract within a week so yours should go as well...for even more, right? You put your house up for sale and wait...and wait...and...wait. What is wrong? Why is ...
Kitchens are some of the most important places in our home.  It tends to be where we gather for holidays and what many buyers consider the most important room in a house when searching for a home.  Cooking has become not just a chore anymore, but a hobby.   More and more people tend to want to co...

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