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My mother's sister died last week ( thanks for your sympathy - at 92 she had lived a full life and was ready - I am glad she won;t hurt anymore).  The funeral was held in Portland Oregon then my cousins piled in their cars and headed Sw 400 miles, to the other border of Oregon - Ontario where the...
This is s constant mental conversation I have with myself.  (I am a Gemini - we can do that.)  We are supposed to be community involved, visible, leaders, we are supposed to be advertising in all the different media, we are supposed to be always dressed "up" drive a big nice car - preferably whit...
I am really curious on a national level and local level..  Like most of us here on ActiveRain, I like to keep up with the industry.  So I am balancing the good news and bad news from our sources, trying to figure out the lies and the truths and the in betweens.  Personally I had my best year sinc...
Innocently, happily, I wrote the offer.  Carl and I were buying our next and I hope last house.  We had been looking a little and he had fallen in love with an expanded farmhouse on a small acreage west of Vale Oregon.  We had decided late last summer that we really needed to accept the reality t...
I am mad as hades, and am not going to sit silently again.  My husband and I have sold our home and are buying another one.  We are getting a conventional loan good downpayment sterling credit.  So what!  We are being treated like we were 25 years ago when we had nothing and no credit and had to ...
I have been noticing an increase in multigeneration sales lately.  Grandma and mom and grandson all buying a house together - there have  even been several  four generation sales in our office.  Is this just in our little rural always depressed area or are you seeing it too? With the low prices a...
My very best lender, the one who does most of my deals and loves to close early, asked me to extend two deals (including my own purchase) for two weeks.  Both deals have been in underwriting for nearly a week now.  I asked her why?  "Underwriting is behind."  "Each underwriter can only do two dea...
This one is sits on a dead end street and sits at the back of it's large lot.  There's a great garage shop and patios.   It's two bedrooms and features a large living area.  This could be your getaway for Huntington's hunting fishing and mining, or your full time residence.  It's only 59900!!!.   
After 33 years in the same house we are moving.  No we haven't sold our house, we are renting it out and waiting for our commercial location to be right for someone.  We decided that if we waited we could wind up as 85 year olds stumbling around in an unsafe for us house.  There's also another fa...
We fished the Columbia at Boardman (I'm sure all teenagers call it Bored -man) Oregon over Labor Day.  I'll have to admit from the freeway Boardman does look boring.  The very active Port of Morrow port district has various industries with the facilities going full blast and the town looks small,...

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