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"oh the weather outside is frightful"  but I'm showing property anyway!  On balance, it hasn't been a bad year.  The beginning was SLOW Jane Herrons blog series about the law of attraction helped me stay focused.  Then in April things started popping and I did one of the things I'd promised mysel...
I am curious- I'd like to know exactly who thought of this, who pushed it through and so on. I'd like to personally thank them for my excellent last half of the year.  I know how politics works and every elected official who can will claim credit for it.  Somebody knows the real truth though.  I ...
Maybe it's the Law of Attrraction or something like that but it is a real estate rule that when your personal life is extremely busy and hectic ...."hold on to your hat" because your real estate life will suddenly match it.  It doesn't matter if the phone has been silent for a week plan a day of ...
I have a great newish stove no it's not stainless steel I worked in the cafeteria when I went to college and it was all stainless, I like white better.  Being a realtor I have a flexible schedule, and being a realtor I am thrifty, and being a 60's person, I am oriented to making things from scrat...
I live and work in an agricultural area.  That's farms folks not people farms real growing crops farms.  All fall you'll be zippping along the highways and come upon a gigantor machine of some sort lumbering along at 20-30 miles per hour.  To me this means money  - my husband Carl sells for a Hes...
Twice in the last 24 hours this has come up.  Another realtor told me about her experiences with clients who up front told her that they didn't like or trust realtors and would do the transaction work themselves so it would be done right.  It made for a difficult convoluted transaction that may o...
My family and I are major fans of the Mel Brooks movie "Blazing Saddles"  we can recite a lot of it and do.  There's a song in it called "I'm Tired"  sung hilariously by the late Madeline Kahn.  I keep thinking about it because I too am TIRED.   There is a big bunch of buyer businees out there ri...
Well we survived our audit.  Hadn't been audited for awhile and had changed bookkeepers and brokers so we knew we were due. Sort of same old same old - bunch of small stupid mistakes - the kind we'd catch if we'd spend an extra 5 minutes going over things. There was one instance of conflicting in...
We're having one of our regular state audits today.  For you non-realtors, the states in which we do business audit our transactions and books as we have a fiduciary duty to our clients - we handle other people's money.  I'm not worried about my older tranactions, but the last week's are in chaos...
We are back from what counts for us as a vacaton.  We took a Wednesday through Sunday off!  We took our boat and headed North.  We had checked out the boat ramps etc on an earlier non fishing trip.  We chose Hat Rock State Park near Umatilla Oregon.  Beautiful park and a very easy to use and safe...

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