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Middleton Idaho is a small town near Boise/Nampa.  It's in Canyon County and part of the town qualifies for Rural Development Financing.  For you city people this is a loan program (really a set of programs) run through the Department of Agriculture.  Why this department?  Because we are a farmin...
I'm writing this waiting for 8:30 because then "House Hunters International"  will be on.  And it's supposed to be new!  My husband is out of town so no hassle - lol-.  He sells farm equipment and has forced me to watch a few episodes of "tractor something" on RFD network in payback for making hi...
Normally we here in the Intermountain West specifically the area near Boise called the Treasure Valley, have mild winters.  November will have a skiff of snow which melts instantly, December about the same maybe a little more frequent.  The real winter comes in January and February.  But once or ...
I was quickly reading my Realtor Magazine online newsletter.  In it were references to two congressional hearings being held next week about the foreclosure/MERS etc mess.  I have been shocked (even though I shouldn't be) at the spin the big banks have given this.   "Hey they were all late on the...
My BankAmerica soap opera continues so this morning while waiting for them to get their act together (docs promised by 8am - didn't happen processor at doctor appointment everyone else in a meeting) I sent an email to Idaho's Senator Mike Crapo.  Don't know what else to do. 
We don't do everything right in Oregon but voting we do right!  We voted in an all elections are mail in ballot measure a few years ago. The nay-sayers moaned that "everyone will vote now even those we don't want to" or words somewhat to that effect.  We've done it for years now and it works.  Yo...
I'm writing this watching Boise State win another football game.  We're all frustrated here in the Intermountain West.  We are soooo tired of being treated like we are not part of the US and definately don't count.  There is starting to be a little begrudging respect for Boise State.  "Oh they're...
I really appreciate the help and group therapy I find here.  It truly helps me to stay positive.  This is a very short but very sincere post.  Thank you all - here's a great big smile from Kathy Judy.
This is an older singlewide in a park in Fruitland Idaho.  The price is only $7299!    The owner wants to buy a larger home.   Space rent including water is about $285 per month.  The lot is nice, fenced with trees, and just across the street from a park with tennis courts. 
this time of year it's all about the onions here, they are everywhere - little trucks taking them to the packing sheds, big semis hauling them to distributors, railcars full of them being shipped out all night, and lots of times just lying on the road when they fall off of trucks.  This land cos...

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