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35 years ago today Remax was founded.  In JANUARY in DENVER?  The founders Dave and Gail Liniger had to have faith to do that.  I love learning about businesses- how they started etc.  Yes I love history channel and modern marvels too.  Anyway, Remax had a steep uphill struggle - like many megasu...
More of Middleton Idaho's attractions from a personal basis.  It has a good grocery store, has everything, is fast to shop and ez parking, it has a KILLER dollar store.  It is Tae Bok's Dollar store Flea Market.  Korean-American owners that speak excellent Spanish so in addition to normal dollar ...
A few years ago I took a subdivision development class for continuing ed.  It was totally fascinating   but not something I think I'll go into in a big way.  But also a few years ago I started looking at Middleton Idaho and thinking that it would be good to buy land there.  Wish I had!  Middleton...
For the 3rd time in a week I'm headed for Boise this morning.  MLS bylaws and rules committee meeting (more fun than it sounds) and then to the VA hospital to take a low-end (THAT MEANS SALEABLE) listing.  Yesterday was spent out in the farm area between Parma Idaho and Adrian Oregon. Feels god t...
So there I am in the parking lot at the Starlight Cafe in Vale Oregon.  It's Sunday afternoon and I am waiting for the next in my series of extremely low end BUT CASH buyers.  I wait and I wait - my neice sees me there and stops in, my daughter in law stops in - and I wait.  The client called and...
We sometimes forget here in the Intermountain 'West that underneath it all is agriculture.  We have our daily hustle, traffic, shopping at this or that franchise store or restaurant.  But look at what brings in the money to your county and I think you'll be amazed at how much is ag.  The wheat an...
I showed one of my listings yesterday, I had asked "are you working with another agent?"  and she had said no.  Then while showing she said she did have another agent.  Same ol same old.  I am showing her another one of my listings today.  I'm like to be a hard--- but I don't want to miss any sho...
Starting this blog 1/4/08  - funny day, lots of wind which somehow contributed to the power going on and off every 5 minutes for quite a while - made working at the computer difficult reminding us all of how vulnerable we are to electrical problems. BUT that didn't stop us a Remax Tri-Cities - th...

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