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My expertise is two-fold. Practicing real estate in the Houston area for more than 20 years is a demonstration of my survival, if not expertise. I am passionate for the survival of the individual real estate agent and will be discussing how to succeed with the internet enabled clients.
I am coordinating a book with about a dozen real estate co-authors to be released this spring.  I am scanning the blog world for contributors.  Would you be interested?If you are, please review the list of potential topics is below.  You are free to come up with additional topics if you wish.  Th...
One of the things that I have learned over the years is the value of asking questions.  When I am in a group setting, I have often been thanked (by less bold classmates) for speaking up and asking.  Sure, some smarter people may see my shortcomings.  But I have learned that my ignorance is not my...
Sometimes, as a real estate agent, I get so busy simply serving clients that I do not take the time to do general research.  I knew that my business was similar, if not better, in 2007 when compared to 2006.  But because I had given all my focus to clients instead of doing research, I had little ...
What a wonderful year it has been!!!1.  Although my production is about 10% less than last year, I did it almost completely without an assistant.  Since 1996, I have had atleast a part-time assistant to do my marketing and computer work.  Although it was great to delegate this aspect of the busin...
I came into the office early this morning to catch up on some paperwork that needs to be turned in and found the halls to be quiet beyond belief.  The receptionist is here with a bright and gleeful attitude.  But this office that is normally buzzing with activity is silent. Contrary to what is ha...
No - I am not talking about Santa's list.  I am talking about your list.  The one you have made about 2007.  The one where you list all the things that you did that were effective and profitable.  And the also important list where you show all the mistakes you have made.For me, I have done very w...
For many years I have taken the week between Christmas and New Years day off.  It seemed that this was the perfect time to relax with family and catch up on some rest. This year feels quite different!  I am so revved up about 2008, I can hardly wait to get started.  So this will be the week that ...
It is a beautiful day for Christmas in the Houston area.  Some years it is a little depressing to be still running our airconditioner during the holidays.  Just last week most of the days were a warm 80 degrees and I was becoming quite tired of the heat. I love my jackets and rarely get to wear o...


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