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Happy 4th of July!Possibly the most patriotic home in America. Read more about this spectacular home and how it came to be like the American Flag-- you'll be surprised! http://www.vivagreenhomes.com/news/1199  Photo courtesy of Flickr 
Do you know what a Net Zero home is? It's a home that produces as much or more energy than it uses. These homes are not only energy efficient, they're like their own little power plants. It's awesome! Photo courtesy of listing agent: Jason Ferri David Lannuccilli Group at Re/max 655 Main St East ...
The owners of the first LEED Certified home in Alaska spoke with www.VivaGreenHomes.com to share what it’s like to buy, sell and market an eco friendly home…and would they do it again?   Tony & Valerie Reichstein purchased their Juneau, Alaska home two years ago when a work transfer brought thei...
Locate hundreds Energy Star homes for sale on VivaGreenHomes.com: the only MLS for eco-friendly homes.  LEED certified, Solar, geothermal, energy efficient construction, Net Zero, and more.  
 So you’re a real estate agent and you just received a call from a homeowner who wants to sell their home. Yippee! Every real estate agent loves those phone calls, right? You arrive at the home to take a look and to get interviewed by the homeowner, but something is different. You had prepared a ...
The Energy Star certification for homes is one of the fastest growing eco certifications across the USA.If you are listing Energy Star certified homes make sure reach your buyers by listing them on www.VivaGreenHomes.com, which is the largest database of active eco homes for sale.For those buyers...
             By Kari Klaus, VA licensed real estate agent and Founder & CEO of VivaGreenHomes.com  When a buyer purchases a home, there are many questions to ask; financing, neighborhoods, comparable sold properties and so on. But when a buyer decides to buy a green home, it’s wise to ask a few a...
Great site for being able to list or find solar homes for sale for your buyer or seller clients. Buy, sell, and and market eco homes. www.VivaGreenHomes.com   

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