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This sale is a great story because it was a really smooth transaction and things fell into place so well. It was actually pretty amazing. I had been in touch with this buyer who had to sell a condo in San Francisco before he bought a home in the San Jose area for a few months. I was sending him h...
This was the most complicated and complex short sale thus far for me for sure. The situation for the seller was an extremely sad one. The seller actually lived in this home for many years and raised a family here. This wasn’t the typical short sale scenario in which the owner bought in the height...
Taking into consideration all the limitations to the criteria for this sweet young couple buying their first home in San Jose, this was amazingly smooth…like amazingly smooth! And, to have such a smooth loan process in the current market conditions is just incredible. This adorable couple were VA...
  The buyers who bought this home in San Jose are just the cutest young couple buying their first home. Wow, did they learn more about short sales and FHA loans then they probably care to imagine! Initially, this couple found a short sale home and we made an offer and were just taken for a ride. ...
The $8,000 Federal Tax Credit Extension passed! First time buyers in contracts prior to April 30, 2010 have 3 more months to close and still qualify for the tax credit. The new deadline is September 30, 2010 This is extra good news for those in contract on a short sale transaction.
My client sent an article to me from USA TODAY that is very interesting information about the $8,000 first time buyer tax credit and it’s just really discerning and pathetic actually. In the article it stated that the IRS tracked thousands of fraud cases and is seeking tighter control. Apparentl...
Based on a recent survey, the following are the top 10 most desired home features and the percentage of respondents who ranked the feature as high priority: 1. Garage or parking space: 86.8 percent. 2. Master suite: 78.9 percent. 3. Ample storage space: 72 percent. 4. Large or walk-in closets: 6...
Good news for first time buyers that went into contract before April 30th and have not closed escrow yet. The Senate just passed a bill to extend the date to September 30th. The bill just needs House approval. This is especially good for first time buyers in short sale transactions that take mont...
I wish all home sales could be like this one, but then I guess my job would be too easy. This home sale in San Jose was a repeat client and this was our 4th transaction together! This buyer paid all cash for the home, closed escrow in 6 days, bought the home in ‘as is’ condition, and with NO con...
  I just sold this condo in San Jose that was a short sale. For this transaction, all I can say is…Wow, what a draining experience for all parties involved. All parties are just so glad this deal has closed. This client is just the sweetest, young first time buyer and in this price range, the com...

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