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When we read the news these days... pretty-much no matter what we read... be it about Colonel Ghadafi and his mercenaries...and the "rebels..." killing each other, or President Obama and the Republicans going at each other's throats over budget cuts and social issues, or even the Miami Heat and t...
When you are on Active Rain... just kinda noodling around... and click on this Active Rain logo... you are led to a page that... along the left hand side... has a blog roll of Featured Posts.  And... in the top right hand corner of that same page... there is an Active Rain Success Story... usual...
Yesterday I read a post by Victoria Jenkinson questioning the right of a Buyer's Agent... who sold a property that was listed by a different listing agent... to put up their OWN "sold sign" on that property once that property was closed and funded. Although the majority of agents who made comment...
The story which unfolds below is that of the one single straw that finally "broke the camel's back" for President Obama recently. It was the cause that brought his administration to announce that it will no longer defend in court a part of the so-called Defense of Marriage Act... (the DOMA)... th...
Every once in awhile I come across a video that just totally makes me "laugh out loud." It doesn't happen very often. I guess I just either don't laugh that much... or rarely find things that pierce my skull sufficiently enough to make me laugh. Obviously, this also goes out to all of my cat-lov...
I guess it was always there... but it just jumped up and bit me right now.  I have no clue how many times it's been on the page, and I have just simply missed it. I am talking about a great source for Learning Information about (that's the easy one)... not I have been...
It has been pretty cold here in Fort Worth, Texas.  All week long.  Much colder than usual.  Last night it went down to Eight Degrees.  I cannot remember that happening here in Fort Worth.  Not since I moved here in 1982. I thought that was about it... that it was just going to get cold.  All the...
It appears that the roots of February have already been "shaken... with a twist." This morning, the New York Times has a story running that explores a recent video by the more cerebral daughter of the recently departed President George W. Bush... Ms Barbara Bush. In the video, Ms Bush, who curren...
Today is my Dad's Birthday.  He would have been 92 today. For much of last night, and much of this morning, I spent quite a bit of time thinking about him.  Actually... I think about him a lot more often than that. Once again... I found myself on YOU TUBE… listening to some of the songs that were...
I recently wrote a post titled What You Write in the Comments Section of your Listings... Can Either Make or Break your Credibility . In one of the comments... a commentor seemed to imply that I was being selfish or self-centered.  The implication was that I was over-concerned in trying to "build...

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The Real Estate Market in Fort Worth and Tarrant County offers such a great value to both "first time" and "move up" buyers. Karen Anne's blog gives you up-to-date market news, and features many of the great homes available at great prices !