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So often in our quest to keep things "peaceful," perhaps in a marriage, or perhaps even simply being a member of one's own family... the urge for some of us "Peacemaker" types... is to be the pleaser. Last March I made the trek from Fort Worth up to Cleveland to visit my sister. I had high hopes...
 I guess I was much more of a hippie way back then. Back in my school-teaching days... 1965 to 1973. Well... maybe that isn't quite right. Perhaps I have always been a "hippie" at heart. Even now. That's prolly a big part of the reason why I occasionally write such "stir the pot" political posts....
Over the last several months... I have been noticing a trend.  Many of the women Active Rainers... and some of the guys, as well, have been "updating" their photos on their Personal Profiles. Ya see... many of their previous photos... since our Community Pages were "improved"    by A...
When a home is put up on the market... there is always a normal amount of excitement.  Sure, location sells a property.  So does condition.  So does pricing, and other things as well.  BUT... what sells a home for a really GOOD price ?  Excitement ! If it is priced properly... and I do not mean b...
About eighteen months ago I thought I was taking a step forward... and started using Mozilla's Firefox... instead of "everybody's favorite"... LOL... Internet Explorer. I liked many of the added features about Firefox, although it did take me a while to get used to using it. I am NOT a "techie." ...
As if usual for this time of year, I have seen some posts last week, and more and more of them as we get closer to tomorrow, Saturday... the big "turn the clocks back" day. I have an idea.  Sure... we "Spring Forward, and Fall Back"... as far as messing both with the clock and the time change, an...
Besides all of the tumult that shook the nation yesterday in the Mid-Term elections... another earthquake took place.  This time... in Iowa. The Beatles had a great song in "Money Can't Buy Me Love."    But it also appears... that if you've got enough money, and you spend it in just the right pla...
Some things are just worth waiting for.  Some boys dream about it... instead of dreaming about anything else.  You've heard it.  A new bike, a new skateboard.  Or perhaps the traditional non-gender specific "Visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads."  Not this time. Some girls have dreams as...
Once in a while, someone tries to mix things that don't go together very well.  Like peanut butter and ketchup.  Or perhaps John McCain and Sarah Palin. Once in awhile though, one stumbles upon a mixing, or a "pairing" of two things that were never put together before.  And, once in awhile... it...

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The Real Estate Market in Fort Worth and Tarrant County offers such a great value to both "first time" and "move up" buyers. Karen Anne's blog gives you up-to-date market news, and features many of the great homes available at great prices !