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Tonight I signed on to Active Rain... I was on several times already today and this were "normal", but now... ONCE AGAIN... the dear sweet folks at Active Rain have chosen to "FIX" something what WAS NOT BROKEN. The state line-ups... that used to feature the Number One and Number Two Rainers at t...
I was just reading a post by Paul Henderson titled Help us stop pocket calling!  At first, I didn't know what it meant, but as the post went along, and as about fifteen Active Rainers made comments about the various times they put their cell phone in their pockets, or purses, and the phone accide...
This morning I read a post titled How Do You Tell a Home Owner To........?  It was written by Toby & John Williams . Toby and John were having a problem with one of their sellers.  Their question was... "How do you tell your homeowner to clean up, trash out, pull out worn out carpets(so often bea...
Tomorrow is July 14.  For the French, it is a national holiday, called Bastille Day.  Many in the Canadian Province of Quebec, as well as other Canadians throughout Canada... celebrate the day which commemorates the storming of the Bastille, a French prison, on July 14, 1789. For many, it marked ...
I have been looking for a suitable way to personally end the publicity and mayhem surrounding "The King" fleeing his "throne" in Cleveland, and heading for the sunny, (hopefully) alligator-infested shores of South Beach.  Yes, the "hot dog" has has taken his "buns" outta here. It appears that the...
Today is such a special day.  Yes... special to so many of us.  Today is the birthday of an icon.  Way back then... on February 7, 1964... he wasn't the "head icon" by any means.  He was number four.  Behind John, Paul and George.  I am guessing that if there were five of them in all... he would ...
OK, Mr and Mrs FSBO Home Seller.  Let's set this thing up first. You have always been a "movie buff."  You watch TCM... Turner Classic Movies, you watch the American Movie Classic channel, and have had your own video camera since they first came out. You get this idea to produce a movie.  Ya with...
On this wonderful Fourth of July Weekend, I wanted to share two really cool pictures that I stumbled upon yestereday while reading the blog of one of the Active Rainers on my subscription list.  Her name is Marilyn Boudreaux.   Marilyn is a Realtor in Lake Charles, Louisiana, and her blog is name...

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