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I have heard many real estate agents who are feeling somewhat lost since the Tax Credit program ended on April 30.  In my opinion... those agents are really missing the boat as far as the value of real estate, and the reason one purchases a home. To me... Real Estate... buying a home... is all ab...
A few days ago... one of our favorite agents here on Active Rain, Carol Culkin, wrote a great post, Do You Attend Local Realtor Events?.  It ended up being Featured... and got like a bazillion comments.  Carol is that good ! Lots of back and forth comments on that post about Realtors, and whether...
Sometimes it's the little things that can make my day. Sometimes when I go to the blog roll... I scroll through my "subscribed's" to find some interesting new posts to read.  Other days... I am more in the mood to find someone I have not read before. Some days... that's a good thing.  About two w...
There have been so many times in my life when I have been kinda sorta "stuck."  I guess you could compare it to hitting a wall... although that sounds rather brutal.  Perhaps you know the feeling too ? One might choose to call it "feeling boxed in."  Maybe that's a better way to describe it.  But...
The teacher in me is about to give a "pop quiz." Which of these two statements is true ? A)  Fourteen percent of all residential home mortgages in the United States are either delinquent or in foreclosure. B)  Eighty-six percent of all residential home montages in the United States are either cur...
OK... Here we go again.  Something has appeared at the bottom of my Active Rain posts.  There is a little graphic of a "thumbs up" sign... and then the words "Two People Like this... Be the First of Your Friends." Every day Active Rain sends out an email to us... "The Active Rain Daily Drop."  It...
One of the biggest gripes both Listing Agents have, and Buyer's Agents too, for that matter... is trying to sell/show a home that is way over-priced. When I talk with some of the Listing Agents who have these OPT's on the market... (Over Priced Turkeys), I of course usually inquire about just WHY...
Sometimes certain songs are played, sung or celebrated only at certain times during the year.  Often-times the prettiest of these are saved for the "holidays."  For me, that means Christmas, sometimes Thanksgiving, and maybe even New Year's Eve or New Year's Day.  Why many of these songs are sequ...
I must admit... being a Nice Catholic Girl from Cleveland... that there are times in this life when "turning the other cheek" is simply the right thing to do. Now... although that may be the case for me, my cat Mollie T does not always share this same philosophy. You see... Miss Mollie T... being...
I am sitting here trying to think of something cute to write for a Mother's Day post... and the imaginative juices are just not flowing. All I can think of is how much I miss my Mom.  Marian is my Mom, and she passed away in 1987.  I miss her.  Some of what I have been doing today is getting on Y...

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The Real Estate Market in Fort Worth and Tarrant County offers such a great value to both "first time" and "move up" buyers. Karen Anne's blog gives you up-to-date market news, and features many of the great homes available at great prices !