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Sure... for many it does not make much sense to be surfing the "interweb" at 4:00am.  But, then again, that is why Vegas Bob came up with his ActiveRain Group: LATE NIGHT - EARLY MORNING AT ACTIVERAIN . But... once in a great while, great discoveries can be made in the late night/early pre-mornin...
I just wrote a post about Picasa 2, and in commenting back to one of the comments on it... Active Rain saw fit to ask me the question... "What does the graphic say."  This used to be common about a year ago, and every once in awhile it still pops up. Anyway... the "graphic word" was "pimenta." Th...
Hopefully, one of the geeky Active Rain guardian angels will come to my rescue. I just bought a new computer.  One of those cool touch-screen HP ones with Windows 7.  So far, so good.  It has a wide screen... approximately 21 inches wide... so I can run both Internet Explorer and Firefox at the s...
The Polish Nation is in mourning.  Just about everyone is aware of the horrible plane crash that killed 97 people... including the Polish President Lech Kaczynski, his wife, and dozens of the country's top politicians, policy makers, military leaders... and leaders from the business world. As can...
Since last Fall... I have been watching a really cool show.  Star Gate Universe. I have not watched any of the other Star Gate series... not at all.  But somehow, I have found this one very interesting... and have actually become "hooked" on it. Star Gate - Universe recently opened up the second ...
I almost don't believe my addled old brain was able to do this... but I think I did. I was going to write a post about my recent trip back to Cleveland, and a visit I had with my own sister. In many ways... being there at my own "Garden Party" was a lot like listening to Rick Nelson singing this...
A brand new email just flopped into my Gmail box... from REALTOR Mag... online. One of the headline stories was titled "Office Vacancy Rate Hits New High." First... the facts.  It stated that the office vacancy rate in the United States reached 17.2 percent in the first quarter of 2010.  It was t...
If your Dear Uncle Sam offered to pay off your car loan to help you purchase a new home... would you do it ? Well... my dear potential  FIRST TIME home buyers... my dear Hurst, Euless and Bedford, Texas buyers... my dear Fort Worth home buyers... and finally... my dear Tarrant County home buyers....
There are so many things that can be done by the homeowner to help get their prized possession... their home... ready for sale.  So many of these things are the really "small" things.  Things so small that many sellers wouldn't think they would make a difference... and things so small... that the...

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The Real Estate Market in Fort Worth and Tarrant County offers such a great value to both "first time" and "move up" buyers. Karen Anne's blog gives you up-to-date market news, and features many of the great homes available at great prices !