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What the hell is going on the market>?No one is coming in the office> I just really have to make sure to make my self the next billionaire in the tough real estate market. I have to be more creative, and have to expose my self in the world. The growth has got to be phenomenom: I have to practice ...
don't over trust your realtor. they are in the business of making money... and make sure .... that would be your money...thinking that you know better that your real estate professional. that is really bad in your part~ but being able to know how everything. they are (real estate professional~ na...
Foreclosure has been steadily going up, the economy is uncertain, with Bernanke still guessing what to do the with the short term rate. Who are we to blame for this biggest real estate appreciation of the history, closing with a bust! Is that the irrational exuberance of the peoplewho invested th...
  To be in the top you need to have a good business strategy.  You have to attack, and check the balance every time in order for you to suceed in the business.  Starting alone is really dificult and fun.  You are doing a one man show!  As you intend to grow, you would not have enought time with y...
Build-to-lastI was wondering the other day, how all the company in the fortune 500 started. They have started some where. It has always been my fascination to be a business maverick. I call it the most important "feat for me". I have always dreamed big about myself.As every big company has it, th...
Getting Out of the Commodity BusinessWhat you sell should be re-packaged and re-invented to differentiate it from competitive products and make apples-to-apples comparisons difficult or impossible.           The worst thing a business can do is be just like everyone else.  And the worst reason yo...
  Better POSITIONING became a roaring success, the buzword of marketing and advertising in the world of business.      Positioning starts with a product.  A piece of merchandise, service, a compnay, an institution, or even a person.  Positioning is what you do to the mind of the prospect. That is...
        I have been battling with realtor(s) for the past four (4) years, for the rates, and strustures of loan in thefinancing circle.  Foreclosure's now coming in a big way, so is hard money coming every out.  The same realtorsI have been dealing for the past four to five years have been facing...

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