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This article from gives an excellent overview of the challenges faced by retailers expanding into urban settings (as opposed to suburban shopping malls or big-box centers). The article also does a great job of pointing out the many benefits that urban areas can offer to retailers - hi...
Failed conodminium projects have been a popular target of vulture investors over the past year, starting in overbuilt markets like Miami and Las Vegas and now showing up in more stable cities like Philadelphia, Chicago, and Boston. This article from yesterday's Philadelphia Inquirer gives some ni...
This article from says that home prices nationally may have overshot on the downside and are now undervalued relative the fundamentals in the economy (things such as rental rates, incomes, population growth, etc.). While this is great news and should spur investment in residential rea...
According to data from RealtyTrac, foreclosure filings in the Philadelphia area (including South Jersey & Delaware) decreased by 7.4% from March to April. No matter how you slice it this is good news, as is the fact that Philadelphia continues to beat the national average in terms of foreclosure ...
This article from ranks Philadelphia the 2nd best city in the nation for recent college grads - behind Indianapolis which seems to have stolen it's #1 spot because of dirt cheap rents. To anyone living in Philadelphia it's obvious that there are plenty of college and post-college aged...
Some of the best data you can get on the Philadelphia housing market came out last week and can be seen by clicking here. I've been following these reports for a while and they always give a great picture of how Philadelphia's housing market is moving on a neighborhood-by-neighborhood basis. Some...
A few years ago when the 2006 Census data was released, Philadelphia received a major ego-blow as Phoenix, AZ passed us to become the nation's fifth-largest city by population. Well, after this article in today's NYTimes, Philadelphians can take solace in the fact that some of Phoenix's growth ov...
As summarized in this article median home prices and the number of home sales in Philadelphia continued to drop in the first quarter of 2009. While this might sound like bad news I contend that it's really a secret weapon for those buyers currently shopping for a property in the area. The story o...
I'd like to announce that as of today I have moved to a new brokerage - Brown McKinney Real Estate Company. I'm very excited about the move and I believe that it will enable me to better serve my clients and continue to provide an unsurpassed level of customer service. Look for more information s...
I always think of Easter weekend as the start of Spring, but this year I'm not sure that means as much for the residential real estate market as it has in years past. Anecdotally, I saw decent volume throughout the first few months of this year, driven by first time buyers and those who saw the l...


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