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Family-Friendly Atmosphere:The best part about celebrating Mardi Gras in Lake Charles/Southwest Louisiana is the atmosphere. There is a type of warmth that is genuine along with a simple spirit of joy which is what we Cajuns call the "joie de vivre" or the "joy of living." In Lake Charles, you ca...
    There's good news and bad news this week. The good news is that the three-day Memorial Day weekend is  here.  The bad news is that this holiday is one of the highest risk times for traffic accidents.  The National Safety Council estimates 366 people will die in traffic crashes during the upco...
  WHAT DOES FREEDOM MEAN TO YOU?  America stands for – freedom, independence, equality, opportunity. It's also a terrific reminder of what makes America a wonderful place for entrepreneurs – we nurture freedom and respect and value differences. As a entrepreneurs, I need freedom to flourish. But ...
Event Description   Mayor Randy Roach invites you to participate in the annual Red White Blue & You July 4th Celebration      The City of Lake Charles presents its 17th annual Red White Blue and You July Fourth Celebration.  This patriotic festival has been voted one of the Top 20 Events for the...
  I want to take this time to wish all of the fathers a "Happy Father's Day     I loved my Dad,He passed 1/16/09 I miss him everyday! So to all Active Rain dad "Happy Fathers Day" and God Bless !!                                                                                                     ...
 So how we organize will change too. We as Home Stagers tell our customers to de-clutter, well here are a few things we can do when trying to de-clutter. There's no point in buying nice containers and making pretty labels for stuff that doesn't really add any value to your life. And if you have m...
I am fast approaching my 1 year anniversary for my company J.Williams Home Staging LLC. How awesome is that. I have a company and I will be celebrating my 1st year in business. I know I am just starting and I have a long journey before me. I am a police officer also, I have been for 16 years. I l...
THE POWER OF ONE When I started writing this blog, I was trying to expand my brain, reading articles on how to expand or exercise your brain, things that can help us stay sharp. I also read a article on how to help our mind stay in shape, is to try a new activity. Ok, this is me trying a new acti...
    What is the meaning of success for you?,Right now why you are reading this, what is it for you? Lots of money! Being productive! Satisfaction! Ok,  well how do I achieve this you might ask?  I have wondered why some people are more successful than others? My opinion and this is just my opinio...
                                                  MY JOURNEY WITH MY DAD Sitting beside his chair watching his breaths come less frequent and shallow. I prayed and prayed out loud, in his ear reading scriptures and pleading with Jesus to come take him, no more suffering. That's it I rose, will he...

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