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Tired of headline after headline and article after article displaying inaccurate information on your local market? If you have the Real Facts on your market, come here and post them. Also receive the Real Facts on the real estate market from our market reports covering over 40 million properties
If someone can pay rent, that rent can be considered part of a mortgage payment. The government is providing $8,000 for first time buyers, so why can't the government pay part of the payment and have the borrower repay the government in the future?? Here is an example of how it could work.  What...
I read this on and decided to share. What do you think realtors? Ethics Rules Yield Odd Results When it Comes to Claiming a Sale  
 Excerpts from CNBC.COM Warren Buffett confirms what few analyst have been reporting; home construction spearheaded the recession and halting it is the first step to recovery. "There is no silver bullet," Buffett adds. "The original cause of this was the housing bubble... we built a couple milli...
We didn't learn from history. It can be argued that the current economic crisis was based on a number or separate but tangible factors.  One argument relates to monetary policy over the past decade as being a key contributor to the downturn.    As interest rates were lowered by the Federal Reserv...
Excerpts from  In a rare occurrence over last six months, we've finally received some good news coming from Washington about the economy. Yesterday, the House Finance Services Committee heard testimony on a bill for possible Troubled Asset Relief Funds (TARP) reinvestments. HR 306...
How does one create additional supply when the population is not growing?  The answer was to lower the ownership standards and permit those who could not afford home ownership the ability to do so with No-doc, No Asset verification loans.   Home ownership is based on decades of proven lending st...
"What I notice is that the sales pair counts are becoming increasingly weighted toward the biggest bubble - i.e., foreclosure - metro areas: LA, San Diego, Phoenix, etc. Sales in these areas are really dragging down the overall value of the index. Presumably, the foreclosure sales are weighted le...
"The real estate crisis that's slammed the rest of the country is finally catching up to New York, with home prices dropping by nearly 25 percent." Price plungeManhattan: Down 19% to $1.3MQueens: Down 13% to $403,000Brooklyn: Down 12% to $503,000Staten Island: Down 10% to $388,000Bronx: Down 9% t...
Housing Affordability factors have been key in the progression of the economic downturn, according to the latest report by AccuriZ entitled ‘Housing In Crisis.' Year Median Sales Price Median Sale to Median Income Rate of Change in Median Sale Price Median Income Median Rent Monthly Mortgage Paym...
Housing Growth vs. Population Growth Reported from Housing In Crisis Report  Excess growth in the housing market was a key factor in the economic downturn that we are now trying to recover from, according to the latest market report by AccuriZ. The report, entitiled Housing In Crisis, indicates ...

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