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You just can’t beat Charlotte real estate for the quality of life, great value for your money, and resale value. But as we’ve noted before, it’s all part of the national housing market, and that market is changing, as ALL markets do over time.Any change in course, however, will be gradual, which ...
You've found the Charlotte home of your dreams. Who all should attend the home inspection? Allen Norwood, who writes real estate articles for the Charlotte Observer, tackled this question in a recent column. He contacted me to get the Carolina Buyers Agent point of view. It's understood the buyer...
Spring is just around the corner, we’re seeing a lot of blooms out already around Charlotte, and the only problem with Charlotte real estate is that there just isn’t enough of it!                                                                                                                     ...
In addition to its wide variety of lifestyles in Charlotte communities, the Charlotte, NC area also boasts of many Museums, Parks and Historical Sites. Stowe Botanical Gardens has a Holiday display you and your family won’t want to miss.The Christmas-themed Orchid Tree is just one of many unexpec...
The heat is on, both outside and in the Charlotte real estate market. The thermometer knows it, buyers and sellers know it, and the latest market numbers prove them right. As of 8-31-2015, the average sales price for a Charlotte home was $248.502, which is an increase of $6,392, or by 2.6% compar...
It’s dry here in Charlotte, and though we might grumble about the lack of rain, we can’t gripe about the Charlotte real estate market. It’s a downpour! Let’s look at the numbers. As of 7-31-2015, the average sales price was $255,125, an increase of 5.6%, or $13,626 over last July. This resulted ...
Almost everywhere you look you see the real estate market in Charlotte is enjoying a long, healthy boom, as new home construction continues to try to keep up with demand. But the latest figures tell me the demand is outpacing the builders’ best efforts. As of 6-30-2015, the inventory of existing ...
Charlotte buyers’ agents and their buyers have been very busy, as the latest numbers for the Charlotte real estate market show. As of 5-31-2015, the average sales price for a Charlotte home was $245,197, which is an increase of $9,874, or by 4.2% compared to May, 2014. The percentage of homes tha...
Spring continues to blossom here in Charlotte, NC, as the April 2015 home sales numbers confirm. As of 4-30-2015, the average sales price increased $19,038, or by 8.6% compared to last spring. The percentage of homes that sold for the original list price received grew by 1.1% to 94.9%, which furt...
Winter is here, but the market data for December 2014 tells us the dropping thermometer hasn’t slowed down the sales of Charlotte homes. As of 12-31-2014, the average sales price was $229,427, and increase of $5,423, or 2.4% from last year. The average percentage of original list price received n...

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