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Just tried one of these in a listing with severe smoke odor.  In less than a day it was GONE.  I think that this will be my next investment.  It is also touted to remove pet odors. has info.
Price breakpoints are becoming more important with the increased numbers of internet shoppers.  Typically these search points are in increments of 25 to 50K.  If you set the price of your home to be $355,000,  you will miss alot of potential buyers that search for "Less than $350,000"  These lost...
Many sellers want to take the easy road when it comes to worn carpet.  They will offer a "Carpet Allowance" which many times may be more than if they just re-carpeted the room in a neutral color before listing.  In today's market of extremely high inventories of listings, this may turn off a buye...
Everyone sees the internet ads and pop ups talking about low rates.  What you don't see are the fees and terms associated with many of the come ons.  Mortgage Money is a commodity and is commonly brokered thru internet lenders and local brokers.  They make their money by charging fees, points and...
  If I sell my house myself, I will save thousands of dollars, right? Maybe not! Many homeownersbelieve that to maximize their profit on a home sale, they should sell it themselves. They feel that byselling on their own, they will save money by avoiding the real estate brokerage fee. Almost 20% o...

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