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Joe Domino is a licensed real estate agent serving the Phoenix/Scottsdale metro area. Joe's broad base of experience and depth of knowledge provide him a unique insight into the real estate business. Follow Joe's idiosyncratic articles and postings which he makes available for your education and enjoyment.
Here’s a story I have written about before yet I still like to talk about it because it was one of the craziest situations I ever encountered as an agent.It is a story about due diligence, discovery, and disclosure or lack of disclosure.When I was a newer agent I worked in a rural area north of P...
There is no question real estate can be a complicated profession. As an Agent you have to be a perceptive consultant, a cautious critic, you must be a good listener, and exhibit a lot of patience. When you are representing the seller, you have to excel at helping them present their property in th...
Here is some wonderful advice from Dawn Castell. The job market we are in today is not the one our parents or grandparents faced. They could choose a career and stay with it for 20 or 30 years with little more than a high school diploma. Today, the choices for high-paying jobs without higher educ...
Last week I pulled my old Faux Leather Portfolio out of the drawer and put it back in action. It has been a while.Whenever I meet with a new client or show homes, or anything related to the real estate business, this trusty portfolio is always in my hand.I use it to carry paper and pens to make n...
At long last Scottsdale’s only new build, over fifty-five community has availability again. Phase 2 of Scottsdale Heights has two quick move in homes.Conveniently located at the intersection of Dove Valley Road and Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale Heights is one of the last remaining undeveloped parce...
I took this trip a few years ago and loved it. Jim Patton does a nice job of showing you how much fun a trip like this can be.  California's Central Coast - Part 1 - Harmony Ca. We recently took a trip to California's Central Coast for a couple of days.  We were experiencing our first real heat w...
Fellow AR Nat Wallen is undertaking a new venture. It sounds interesting. He is doing a daily You Tube VLOG. Take a look and listen then follow Nat on his journey.
Well day 30 has arrived. My it went by fast. Once again, we have listened to some great music. I hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane.If you have followed my Soundtrack over the years, it’s no secret that I enjoy duets, you will find several duets here on The Soundtrack.I think they are ev...
Today’s song likely has the most bizarre history of any song we have listened to on the Soundtrack so far.In 1970 folk music and the psychedelic sound crossed paths. Turning on, Tuning in, and Dropping out was the buzzword. Two folk/rock singers, Mike Brewer and Tom Shipley, were performing their...
I like to say that Hall & Oates saved the 1980s from copycats and repetition of the super bands of the 1970s. It was getting hard to find a fresh sound, and Blue-eyed soul was carving a niche left behind by the soul singers of the 1970s. Hall & Oates were producing hit after hit.They made many le...

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