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A room lit by nothing except the warm, dancing glow of a fire during a frigid winter's night. The shadows wave like frenzied dancer's on the walls. The occasional loud snap and crackle as the logs are ravenously consumed by the flames. Is it any wonder a fireplace is a feature many home buyer's s...
When a problem manifests itself, it can be misleading to its actual cause. Often what appears to be the solution is nothing more than a band aid on gapping wound. I see this kind of response often while inspecting houses. The best example in recent years is mold. Testing and remediation is often...
There is no question in my mind, the average homeowner is at a minimum, resourceful and inventive. Humans have had to be so inclined in order to survive for millennia. After all Home Depot or the mom and pop hardware store wasn't around back in the age when the pharaohs reigned. It can, I believe...
Houses are built from the ground up. Be hard to do it any other way. At least until someone comes up with a levitation device. It follows then that the foundation is the first part of the house to be constructed. The word foundation means a base or strong support. A house's foundation must be str...
When approaching a house for the first time, one will first take notice of the general appearance of the dwelling. The landscaping or lack of is what often initially draws the eye. Followed by the siding, trim and color scheme. Next perhaps a cursory glance to the windows. Finally the eye will be...
As elementary school children we learn in science class the basic electrical principals of conductors and insulators. The strands of wire used in class show this concept in practice. The copper wire conductor is wrapped in a plastic insulator. The same is found in our homes, conductive wires wrap...
One of the more interesting things I find about inspecting homes is how something will jump out at me. When I say "something" I mean a problem or clue. To me it is obvious. Yet my experience has shown, what is glaringly apparent to me is like looking at the night sky and asking someone if they se...
Aluminum is the third most abundant element on earth. This may also explain its prevalence in our daily lives. Aluminum is really a wonder material. It's light weight, strong and very conductive. It is and was used in many components of our homes. A few uses for aluminum turned out to be not only...
Heat is not a luxury for homeowners in Connecticut. Air conditioning on the other hand is not really a necessity. While it does at times get very hot in the summer, intense heat is not usually around for long.Heating systems here typically can be run from as early as October to as late as April....
As a fisherman I have heard a fish grow from the water to the dock. That 12 inch bass that was caught and released becomes closer 20 inches by the end of the day. These kinds of fish tales are thought of as amusing and generally accepted as harmless embellishments. In the world of tournament fish...

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