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I know, I know, not everyone loves science class. Or math class. Or social studies. Or school. I for one did look forward to science class. Ironically my least favorite class was English. Hated all that writing and sentence structure stuff. I always found electricity fascinating and have found I ...
No one likes going to the doctor. I bet doctor's don't even like seeing each other as patients. People like it even less when a surgery is a consequence of a visit to old Mr. Saw Bones. However there are some instances where the surgery is elective. Elective. An absurdity meaning; I want to be st...
That three word recitation might just be the home inspector's mantra. It can be said to be the real estate industry's as well. In this paperless, high tech world, the sheer ease of recording minutiae, and the seemingly unending demand for it, would appear to be burying us all in an unnavigable se...
As the cold weather wanes with the lengthening days of spring, so does the need for heat. The click of the thermostat, the rumble of the boiler are sounds now being heard less frequently. Soon they will cease until the inevitable cool winds of autumn once more begin to gust. The harbinger of anot...
Our lives, life itself, is in many ways closely related to circles. We have a circle of friends. If you are frantic, you could be said to be running in circles. We are fond of saying, what goes around, comes around. A situation where the solutions lead one back to the original problem is said to ...
The highways and byways, the arteries of travel and commerce. They are essential to our lives, as I was so harshly remind this winter after being snow bound for just three days. Even the creature's of forest use paths to get from point A to point B. After all when an easy way is found, it makes p...
Kids building blocks. Dumping them onto the floor, they would evoked thoughts of huge sky scrapers or a medieval castle with a moat and a draw bridge. Whether they were the old fashioned wooden blocks or the more modern plastic LEGO type, building blocks let you build whatever your mind could ima...
In the world of real estate, every now and again, one gets to view a wacky idea a person finds for fixing or installing a common house hold item. These "fixes" or "installs" as a rule involve one or more of the following, in liberal, never minimal quantities; Duct tape, caulk and or spray foam. T...
A return trip to a previous destination can either be a want to go or a have to go. With home inspections it is usually a want. The customer has asked the inspector to return to the house to check on repairs made by the seller based on the inspector's report. Once in a while a special situation c...
Problems will invariable arise along the road of life. How we resolve issues that crop up along our way is a testament to and formation of our character. There is an old saying that goes, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Or you could squirt them on your fish at dinner. Seriously, the ab...

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