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I remember riding my bike every where as kid. Not only was it fun, but it expanded my range of adventure. I could explore a new fishing hole I heard about. Get to a friends house sooner, so we had more time to look for snakes and frogs down at the creek. No matter where I pedaled, there was at le...
I confess to have never seen a play, whether in person or on TV, by the renown William Shakespeare. I am familiar, and who isn't, with his characters Romeo and Juliet. The balcony scene is iconic. But suppose the balcony was old and rickety. Would Juliet risk injury for a covert encounter with he...
Some years ago, there was a story going around the home inspection industry about a very stinky house. During the home inspection the odor was overwhelmingly powerful. The story goes that as the inspector went higher in the house the odor grew in strength. Opening the attic hatch, the stench beca...
Inspecting houses is dirty and tough business. On occasion one must slog through nasty, damp crawl spaces or traverse through an attic hotter than Hades while slashing through spider webs thicker than the Spanish moss draped on cypress trees. Some days it's raining in buckets or colder than the A...
Homeowners are, as a rule, creative in their solutions to problems that crop up with their houses. one of the most common problem, and I speak from experience, is needing more space. Especially when you have growing children. Stuff just seems to accumulate. Plus there is the need at times for mor...
There are all sorts of potential hazards present in our homes. Subsequently industrious companies have invented warning devices. The most recognizable is probably the smoke detector. Fire warning devices are not extremely new, they have simply become inexpensive and above all else easy to install...
Funny how the obvious isn't always so obvious. You know what I mean. You're plowing through the refrigerator, salivating for that last left over slice of pepperoni and anchovy pizza, and you can't find it any where! Arrrrrgh! Your wife comes by, reaches around you, grabs the slice and says in tha...
There are many sayings, adages on how life will return to you what you put into it. You reap what you sow, what goes around, comes around are a few that come quickly to mind. The same can be said about houses. By taking care of and maintaining your home, you will reap the benefits of your conscie...
Every job or task has many subtleties. When you watch someone who is good at doing a particular thing, a great musician for example, they appear to play their instrument with ease. Nothing could be further from the truth, great talent also requires a great amount of work. Through repetition a tas...
We've all had them, done them, bad jobs. You might even find a song or three about crumby jobs. It's said they build character, one must "pay their dues" to get ahead. That may be true. Yet no matter how you phrase it, no matter how play it, it just sucks! Take for example this furnace install. B...

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