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Life is spawned from the simplest and vastly abundant compound on earth, water. Without water life would not exist. Scientist today search for signs of water on Mars knowing it is the basis for any life to exist. For all its life giving goodness, water is also the enemy. Too much can make life vi...
In the Northeast oil heated homes are as common as the vivid autumn leaves scattered upon the ground. Unlike natural gas that is piped into the house, oil must be stored on site. Large tanks are used to hold the oil for the heating appliances. When inspecting a house with an oil fired heating sys...
Tis the season for ghouls, goblins and ghosts. Yards are adorned with grotesque, freakish creatures from beyond the grave. Or at very least the back of someone's attic. Large spiders and pointy fanged bats seem to be ready to pounce from every tree branch. Witches and animated skeletons lurk behi...
Have you every watched dogs establish who's the alpha. The contest has less to do with size and strength, than attitude. The tiny ankle biter has little clue the Rottweiler can gulp him down like a milk bone. The big dog is the one who makes the other blink first. While attitude may work well for...
It is said that hind sight is 20/20. I couldn't agree more. It is easy to look back on a significant event in life and play arm chair quarterback. Caught up in the moment, we make what we feel is the best decision at the time. Then there is denial. While performing an inspection recently, I could...
Strength, resistance to force. A concept that is elegantly simple. We have all built things with building blocks, Lincoln Logs, or whatever toys are at hand. As children we begin to figure out quickly that too much weight makes our sky scraper collapse. We begin again, with new knowledge, hopeful...
After years of inspecting houses, I can usually get a good feel for who has done the upgrades and repairs. Often the clues are easy to spot. Loads of tools in the garage or basement often means the homeowner is a dedicated DIYer. Now there is nothing wrong with fixing your home. In fact if you ow...
Lately my inspection plate seems to contain a never ending helping of renovated properties or flips. The mere mention of the word "flip" has begun to produce a puckering reaction in parts of my body that shall go unnamed. I believe this is an ancient defense mechanism. So it was with usual trepid...
I have seen some funky attic accesses over the years. Most of the stranger ones I've seen are where the opening was put and or the size of access. Some of the most challenging being in a linen closet with the opening so small, I question who besides a child would fit through. I have made into nea...
Buying a house is a purchase laden with expenses. Forget the cost of the house, to get to the closing table, one must generally lay out a large amount of cash. First time buyers are often working on a thin budget, so they try and save where they can in the process. The home inspection is usually ...

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