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Reminiscing is colored, splatter, obfuscated and twisted by emotion. Nostalgia in and of it self makes us long for times gone by. What we remember or perceive is probably not exactly how events unfurled or how things were always done. Not long ago I had written a post where I had in part expounde...
Ah, the quintessential amusement park ride for starry eyed lovers. A slow ride in a tiny boat through a dark tunnel. What could be better for stealing a kiss or three. In the course of inspecting houses, it would not be out of the ordinary to happen upon a tunnel. Not a train or car tunnel and su...
What is the most common electrical problem found during a home inspection? Many in the real estate business would probably answer double taps. I have come to this conclusion after being asked more times than I can possible count by the agent while I am inspecting the electric panel, "any double t...
We humans are visual creatures. We tend to understand and learn best when we can see and touch not just read or imagine. Case in point, everyone over the age of two is familiar with the universal "no" symbol. We see it constantly, probably almost daily. Sometimes these signs are so incredibly obv...
Space is something most of us are looking for more of in our homes. One of the best aspects of owning a house is turning it into your home. New homeowners usually begin with paint and other finishes moving onto bigger projects, with additions and major remodels made in order to add that desired e...
If there is one cliché I hear over and over with regard to house is, "They don't build 'em like they used to." or some variation. The implication is that older houses are better built. As far as I am concerned that is not true. My reply is always the same, All the crap has long fallen down, so o...
The thermographer, neurosurgeon and the insulation installer, what would these people all have in common? Answer, they are all specialist. Specialist are knowledgeable and skilled in their particular discipline. If someone who was not for example, an insulation installation specialist were to ins...
Many stories are told from one point of view. The classic good versus evil, us against them theme is a good example. The protagonist is the angelic hero who has been thrust into circumstances that force him to commit deeds that go directly against his and societal morals. No matter how heinous th...
Who has not been puzzled, perplexed and or bewildered? You look at something, read a statement or hear words flow from your best buddies mouth that make you stop and go, Huh!? Yep the ol' head scratcher. Being a home inspector has left my scalp a few hair follicles sparser and raw from all the he...
Evidence is facts used to confirm a suspected condition or act. Most people would probably associate the word with solving crimes. Home inspectors use evidence to arrive at conclusions about suspected conditions found in a house during the home inspection. Unlike crime solvers, home inspector's d...

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