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Plastic corregated extensions do not work. I see this everyday and it's so frustrating to see because it does not work. You can be doing more harm than good.Reason one; This black corrugated plastic is brittle and it cracks. It gets stepped on, kicked, hit by the lawn mower and it cracks. This ty...
In the last year I have seen more and more storm or screen doors on the entrance to the home from an attached garage. This is very dangerous. They compromise the gas and fire barrier and the end result can lead to your home being burned down or /and death. Most people don’t realize that before th...
Carbon Monoxide has been in the news in the Milwaukee area twice this week killing two people and making others sick. Last year a West Allis bowling alley had a issue with Carbon Monoxide sending many people to the hospital. Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless and toxic gas. Because it is i...
One of the most common issues I find during home inspections are bathroom exhaust fans that vent into the attic. Bathroom exhaust fans should vent to the outside through an approved vent either through the roof or the side of the home. You are taking all the moisture out of the bathrooms and vent...
Thunderstorms and heavy rain may hit our area again today. Help yourself out and inspect your home before, during and after the rains. When bad storms are predicted get ouside and inspect your gutters and downspouts. Make sure your gutters are clean and free from debris, at this time of the year ...
Hello, While I do my inspections I see so many smoke detectors missing or not working. Lets clear up the the smoke detector issue. They will not save your home, but they will save lives. Test them every year and put a new battery in them. It is the simplest things that make such a large meaning i...
Do you have radon in your home? No matter what you hear if you live in Milwaukee you may have radon levels in your home higher than what the EPA recommends as safe. It is true that in Milkwaukee levels are lower than the surounding communities but unfortunately radon levels are still in excess of...
I hear the comment "Why should I get a inspection on a new home? It is under warranty and it's new." Anyone who does not get a professional inspection on any home purchase is taking a big risk on a big investment. I find most problems in the attic where it is out of sight out of mind. You say war...
I just tested a home for radon which has a mitigation system in place for 15 years. The results were high for 46 out of the 48 hours. The EPA recommends you test every two years if you have a mitigation system in place. There is a reason for this. Conditions change. You may have new cracks in you...
If you experience a hail storm in your area do not take it lightly. Hail storms damage roofs! I recently inspected two homes that the roof shingles were damaged and appeard to be at least 15 yrs old and at the end of their life expectancy. Both owners said the shingles were newer and installed in...

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