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BANK OF AMERICA WORKING ON QUALITYRecently Bank of America announced they were going to stop the wholesaling of home mortgage loans. They would no longer, after the first of the year, let mortgage brokers or outside concerns market their mortgage products or provide Bank of America programs (Mort...
Recently Bank of America announced that they were going to stop wholesaling loans. What does this mean? It means that after the first of the year Mortgage brokers can no longer provide programs and products (Mortgage Loans) through Bank of America. Some of our "Knee Jerk reactions" would, of cour...
Feel free to go to my Real Estate Market Watch and real some REal news on the Real Estate market and current trends.. Thanks for everyone's comments.  http://jrhafer.googlepages.com/realestatemarketwatch
Okay now it's time to stand back and wait. Let's quit talking about everything else than the issue at hand and applying it to the current Real Estate market woes. What do I mean? Well, yes, the economic concerns are indirectly akin to the Real Estate market, but not for this topic. The new houses...
GENERIC REPORTS ARE MISLEADING and many folks are standing on the corner of commerce, overwhelmed by all the things they read and hear regarding the real estate market. Some have asked about the continuing "mixed" reports they are getting from various sources. In response to all the questions, on...

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