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 Throughout my walk I have known people who have had an influence in my life.  Many have had some impact, some good, some bad,  but all have helped shape who I am today.  As I look back on my path in life there have been a small handful of people that I call mentor or "trusted counselor"  People ...
The average sales price in Stevenson Ranch changed very little from 2006 which is remarkable considering the notable drop in sales activity each year in particular the last two years.  The median price actually increased by 3%.  Despite this very optimistic news the area of concern was the last q...
If you're a guy looking for a haircut in Santa Clarita there are not a whole lot of choices to choose from.  You can either go to the local "Barber" like some of us used to as a kid, which is great if you want a buzz cut, or you can roll the dice and get a "super, fantastic" haircut.  Better yet,...
This may or may not be up your alley, but if you are into scripture then you will likely splurge on this dinnerware.  Pamela Gallagher of Splurge Alley located in Canyon Country here in Santa Clarita California is a reseller for Feed on the Word dinnerware and her sales are growing like a feeding...
 Donna Nuzzi is the City of Santa Clarita Emergency Services Supervisor.  Here is her tip for December.  This is a monthly series by Donna which provides important Emergency Preparedness information to the general public and  subscribers to the Real Estate News, Views and Insights.   This is vit...
There are various resources to choose from in searching for a job today.  Most can be found on the Internet with a simple Google or Yahoo search.   Most job seekers begin by searching online and devote most of their time and energy daily searching on line for that "dream job/career" or in some ca...
 Tax incentives, the present frontier. These are the tax incentives of the city of Santa Clarita Enterprise Zone It's mission: To explore new tax breaks and incentives for business. To allow private sector market forces revive the local economy. To boldly go where the city has not gone before.If ...

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