Dear Bank of America, I read the attached post from Gail Robinson today, and was mortified.  It seems to me that a bank as large as yours could show some compassion in cases like Gail Robinson’s.   Why can’t you rewrite the loan, and let her husband spend his final days at home? I don’t know M...
If you were a new agent, would you prefer to work with a local broker offering a 70-30 split or a national franchise broker with lots of training programs offering a 50-50 split?
Interested in developing an inbound marketing strategy for your real estate business, but don’t know where to start?  Perhaps my free ebook might help, and you will not have to fill out some form requiring your first born to get it. Simply click  the link below to access the publication. If you l...
Want to sell your home?  For many people, it’s probably one of the most stressful things they will ever do.  Many of us get attached to our homes, and often think that the place we’ve lived in for so many years is worth a lot more than it is. Many realtors, unfortunately, play into those emotion...
In this latest episode of Less Broadcasting, More Listening, I ask realtors what strategies they’d use to market the house discussed in the video.  The house I describe is not a beautiful waterfront mansion with circular stair cases, etc.  To put it bluntly, it’s a dump. Click here to view this ...
      Want to sell more real estate?  Get more referrals?   Networking is one way for realtors to get more referrals, and increase their production.  While many realtors already do very well at pounding the flesh, participating in groups like Rotary, the Chamber of Commerce Chapters, School Comm...
Joe Johnson was blown away.  The 50-year old realtor had been hearing from all of his friends that he should be using social media to market his business.  Johnson, however, like many people his age, finds technology to  be overwhelming at times, but understood  that it might have value. After al...
In this episode of the Less Broadcasting, More Listening series, I want to hear from real estate sales professionals.  What  would be your strategy to give yourself the best chances that the dump described in this video can be listed, and eventually sold?     Less Broadcasting More Listening Free...
  Marketing in the Internet age is more about listeningthan broadcasting.  Listen more.  Get people to like you, gain their trust, and many of them will probably start telling their friends about you, your products, and/or services. Businesses that understand this concept are more likely to be su...
  Because I read, write, and network in the real estate communities, I get to read a lot of real estate blogs.  Some blogs are very good.  Others, to put it bluntly, suck.  It is probably not surprising that most of these blogs have posts describing the bloggers’ real estate listings. Although t...

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