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EVERY TIME I (probably we) get in a bind and start crying out for help what happens?????  Here it is Sunday afternoon, the house is quite - and I start thinking about my TRUE relationship with Jesus... It's so amazing how quickly we forget those feelings when we're on the airplane claiming "God, ...
OK - I'm officially am disgusted...My daughters & I just got back from Blockbuster where we were going to rent a Family Flick to watch this afternoon.  The weather's perfect for movies here in Roanoke - hazy, cold, & just makes you want to stay inside! Anyways, it's been a while (needless to say)...
My wife & I visited Arlington National Cemetary about 4 weeks ago & were absolutely amazed at the beauty... A sense of pride & astonishment flooded my mind as we walked through the tombstones.  Kellie's Grandfather was buried there and this was both of our first time visiting.  Don't forget to th...
 I've recent "stumbled" upon & for those of you who may not know of this site...CHECK IT OUT!  It's seriously pretty amazing.  It allows us (the consumer) to make our own paperback & hardback books with our photos! I know there are other sites that do this, but I haven't found any that ...
Just wanted to send a quick reminder to let everyone know that this Saturday is the 10th of November!  I served on Active Duty in the US Marine Corps for 8 years and this becomes a very special day for Active & Former Marines.  It's our Birthday!!  10 November 1775So take a moment & send a hand-w...
 "DURING my first year in mortgage banking, I chose follow-up as my prime objective and made sure my clients knew it. On one case, a joint-venture construction loan that had required hours of preparation, I was eager to advise my client that I had finally received a letter of intent. I called his...

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