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Comments and advice on the Real Estate market in Washington State and the housing market in and around Wenatchee, East Wenatchee and the Wenatchee Valley.
About a year ago I posted a blog titled Making the Business Flow. It was pretty well received and quite true (in my humble opinion). Today Id like to add to that a little (you can click on the link above for my original post) The last few years were tough on all of us. I am firmly convinced that ...
Nope...not even! At least that should not be the primary intent when you buy. Think about it; almost nobody lives in an investment. You live in a home. A home is memories, solace from the world, your castle and where families grow, play and move through the steps of life. Along the way if you can...
At least that is how the old saying goes. But if you are thinking of selling you may want to forget the castle aspect and work towards common interest. I'm not an over the top supporter of "staging" because unless done well it looks just that, staged and sterile. That can be almost as big a turn...
I thought it migh be interesting to share some stories of transactions that went sideways or that had unusual twists... 1. The Closing that Wasn't: I had been an agent just a few months. One of my very first sales and it was time to go to the closing to have my buyers sign the documents. As we sa...
When you reduce sales to the most basic element the answer has to be yes.... fear that someone else will get the item, or something will happen to make it unattainable and greed that we can make money now, or get the best price, or grab off a bargain. I think this is especially true today. At lea...
Over this last weekend I was in Seattle visiting a friend that has a catering business in Seattle. His business is strictly high end and he does zero advertising! Everything is word of mouth and he is booked up well in advance...even during the last few years he was booked when others were trying...
I used that headline to make a point. Specifically what do you do? I think too many agents, especially new agents, only have a vague idea of what they are and what they do. Ask..."I sell real estate" ok but is that all..."no I help people buy too" Oh I see... you get my point I think. To be succe...
We are almost to the end of June and I thought I would get a jump on the sales activity year to date. I live in Eastern Washington in a city at the geographical center of the State, Wenatchee. Our market area is comparatively large but for my purposes Ill confine my observations, of homes bought ...
Today I passed the 100,000 mark! Perhaps with all that unlimited knowledge and friends on AR we can solve a homeowners assn issue... You see the association has a prohibition against long term guests ... they dont describe "guests" nor do they describe long term... perhaps that is a loophole. Of ...
As the year moves on, we will most certainly hear more from erstwhile politicians interested in parting us from our votes about (among other things) how they would handle immigration policy. With St Patricks coming up I thought a quick reflection on some parallels in my life might be an appropria...

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Comments and advice on the Real Estate market in Washington State and the housing market in and around Wenatchee, East Wenatchee and the Wenatchee Valley.