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MAO Worksheet Property Address: ARV: *Costs (30%): Repairs: MAO: Starting MAO (-15%): Formula: ARV – 30% – Repairs = MAO Terms: ARV – After Repair Value. This number is derived from Comps, CMA’s, and other appraisal tools. Costs – These are the costs to get into (and sometimes out of) the property. The table below depicts the cost breakdown. Costs are as follows: Buying Costs (3%) Carrying Costs (3%) Closing Costs (3%) Margin Of Error (1%) Equity Or Profit (20%) Repairs – These are the estimated repairs. Use the supplied Rehab Worksheet to get your initial estimate. MAO – Maximum Allowable Offer. This is the theoretical maximum you can pay and NOT leave any of your money in the deal after refinancing. This is NOT a requirement to do a deal, however what is acceptable to leave in will be different for everyone depending on your own cash flow and financial ability. Starting MAO – Get this number by subtracting another 15% from your MAO. This is a decent starting point to begin your negotiations. If you get no counter offers at starting MAO, you will need to increase your initial offer. Market conditions will always impact starting MAO.
Investment Property Refinancing     Once you have bought and rehabbed your property, the next step is to refinance your investment property. A lot of people have had difficulty finding refinancing in the present market, especially people seeking 30 year 80% LTV refinancing.   Working with a finan...
Mac Investment Company, LLC. Common Questions About an FHA Loan Why choose an FHA loan?What kinds of loans does FHA offer?How do FHA loans compare to conventional loans?Do you have to buy mortgage insurance on an FHA loan? Why choose an FHA loan? There are lots of good reasons to choose an FHA lo...
Mac Investment Company, LLC.   FHA Multifamily Programs   Rental Housing for New Construction and Substantial Rehabilitation - Section 221(d)(4)Rental Housing for Refinancing of Existing Properties - Section 207/223(f)     FHA multifamily mortgage insurance, in conjunction with HUD assisted housi...
Mac Investment Company, LLC.   100 Questions and Answers AboutBuying a New Home   GETTING STARTED •1.      How do I know if I am ready to buy a home? •2.      How do I begin the process of buying a home? •3.      How does purchasing a home compare with renting? •4.      How does the lender decide...
We are in a dynamic real estate market and FHA has become prolific in closing real estate transactions more so than ever. Mac Investment Company LLC. Has put together a Educational Brochure for review and to educate. Please forward me a e-mail requesting a complimentary brochure.   Joseph V. Scor...
07/21/2008   Best Regards, Joseph V. Scorese MAC Investment Company Loan Associate Toll Free - 877-263-4881 Office - 484-221-9...
07/20/2008   Best Places to LiveMoney's list of America's best small cities   Joseph V. ScoreseMAC Investment CompanyLoan Associate joemacinvest@yahoo.com Free - 877-263-4881Of...
07/20/2008   Where homes are affordable Residents who buy real estate in these 25 growing cities see their incomes go the furthest. Joseph V. ScoreseMAC Investment Companyjoemacinvest@yahoo.com
Freddie Mac strikes back The mortgage giant takes a step toward a big stock sale that could ease fears of an imminent taxpayer bailout. By Colin Barr, senior writer Last Updated: July 18, 2008: 2:59 PM EDT
The End of White Flight For the First Time in Decades, Cities' Black Populations Lose Ground, Stirring Clashes Over Class, Culture and Even Ice Cream By CONOR DOUGHERTYJuly 19, 2008; Page A1 Decades of white flight...

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