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The Lehigh Valley is one of the fastest growing areas of Pennsylvania with a mixture of tech companies, large hospitals and corporate offices, and a large manufacturing base. I write about the local real estate market and cover real estate trends and activities in cities such as Bethlehem, Allentown, Easton, Nazareth and Northampton. I also cover school district markets such as Parkland, East Penn, Northern Lehigh, Southern Lehigh and Salisbury.
The latest facts and figures on Lehigh Valley home sales are in from the Lehigh Valley Association of Realtors, and the numbers are better than they've been in quite a while.  While I always caution people against putting too much faith in the banner headlines on CNN, USA Today, or the Morning Ca...
You've watched the news and read about it in the papers. You know, the "credit crisis" and how buyers need 20 percent down in order to buy a home? And even if you found a buyer with 20 percent down, lenders aren't making loans anyway. So, why bother, right? Wrong!We're right smack in the middle o...
I had intended to share some coaching ideas the next time I wrote, but I found something so incredibly powerful that I wanted to share it right away.  I was browsing through the bookstore last week when I noticed Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul) had a new paperback in release called "The...
I have to admit that I avoid trendy things like the plague.  For example, I've never seen "ET".  My feeling is that something that gets that much hype could never live up to it.  Right or wrong, that's my philosophy and I usually stick to it.  I made an exception this week when one of the agents ...
I had the great opportunity to hear Terry Watson speak at the PAR District One conference last week and I was blown away.  I'd never heard of Terry before, but he's got quite a resume and he's a very gifted speaker; the type of person who takes control of a room and really lights it up.  Terry ta...
A new venture is born!  I 've thought about blogging in the past but never really knew what I would write about.  What did I have to share?  Then I realized that I was fortunate enough to have a lot to share with other real estate agents that we're trying to build a business that would provide fo...

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