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Michael Fitzpatrick, who owns the branch of HomeSmart and is the founder of The company solely focuses on selling loft, high rise, live/work, row home, historic and modern homes and condos in Phoenix, Tempe and Scottsdale and it's website ( is the most comprehensive and complete resource for the urban buyer in Phoenix, Tempe and Scottsdale.
I represent allot of urban buyers (people who want to own a condo in the heart of everything) and these buyers are unique and exciting people who enjoy living life to it's fullest. You can never predict their tastes as they are the most eclectic bunch you'll have the privilege to share a conversa...
The main reason I focus on urban residential real estate is because it truly addresses the human impact on our planet. Living in the core minimizes the use of the single occupant vehicle which reduces emissions due to commutes to work and play. Also, urban condos/homes are usually smaller in size...
With the Fed finally taking a more proactive stance on our sluggish economy combined with high inventories of homes and condos creating a 'perfect storm' for buyers. This is an unprecedented opportunity for smart buyers to make smart purchases. While the hot real estate market truly benefited the...
I've been blessed and one of the lucky ones who purchased a true residential retail unit (I differentiate since really any home is live/work...residential/retail is zoned where you can have a 'store' with walk in business). I get asked all the time whether there are more of these types of units a...
Many people are starting to look at distressed properties (foreclosures and REO) as a way to get around the escalating homes prices in the past four years. This is a true catch 22 in the urban market. Many of the distressed properties are due to investors who were looking to flip for a profit. I ...
Of course Austin but wouldn't it be great if Tempe embraced lessons from Austin to become this cool, eclectic and musical area within Phoenix? If you take a look at the neighborhoods west and southwest of downtown Tempe, you'll start to remember your last trip to Austin. If you've never been to A...
Many people ask me what my outlook is on housing in the urban core. This question is quite common and I completely understand why people need to ask the question. The real issue is NOBODY ever knows and if you try figuring that question out you'll be busy like the cat chasing it's own tale. If an...

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Phoenix Urban Living is the premier urban realtor selling loft, high rise, live/work, historic and modern homes and condos in Phoenix, Tempe and Scottsdale. Located in the Roosevelt Arts District at 610 E. Roosevelt Suite 136 Phoenix, AZ 85004. For more information on urban real estate, contact Michael Fitzpatrick at 602-288-8865 or visit on-line for the most complete, up to date inventory of urban product in Phoenix, Tempe and Scottsdale.