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I came across this post, and thought it was worthy of passing along.  Please heed it's advice, I have seen many a deal go under because folks went out and a bought a new "fill in the blank here" on credit to go with the new house before they actually closed on the house, only to have that little ...
You hear it ALL the time, NOW is the best time to buy!  The Time to BUY has never been better!!  I hear it too, and not only is it true for the San Antonio Market, but I buy for my personal account as well. The important thing to remember as an investor, is that it's just property.  DO NOT get em...
I sell a lot of land, so far, about 17 tracts this year and I answer numerous calls each week with people just starting out.  Invariably, most of my calls start out along the same lines, how much is it, and will the seller finance it for me?  After a bit of prying to get to the bottom of what the...

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