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Never thought this should happen but after years of inspecting and hundreds of clients I actually had the Realtor cancel an appointment that the buyer made. Client called one night and asked me to make the arrangement with the Realtor. I called and spoke with the Realtor about the day and time so...
We did an inspection last Friday at a 1983 condo. East Tennessee doesn't allow home inspectors to have access to keys and the buyers agent couldn't let me in to do the site work. The listing agent came to open up, which is not uncommon. Not only did she open up she gave me a tour of the property....
Help a home inspector and get a cleaner report. It's easy and cheap. Everyone wants a "clean report"including the home inspector. I don't mind reporting items, it's easy for me. I add a few pictures, annotate them. add some text and viola we have added an issue that needs to evaluated and discuss...
Time goes by so fast it seems like only yesterday when we bought the first TV on the street. Dad was a tailor... He actually made the sport coat.  That was a much simpler time. We could reminisce for hours but there not as many people around that have the same memories. I say it was simplier, but...
Just like every home inspector I think I know what Realtors want. Pretty smug I'd say, but just like Mel Gibson I'm pretty clueless. I mean it really doesn't matter what I think, I do my job to provide home buyers and sellers with information. That's what I do. So what do Realtors want? What make...

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