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As a Realtor and an advocate for those with a disability, I know the answer to this  question is an emphatic, “NO". Think about it. Are the home requirements for a person who is hearing impaired the same as a person who is sight impaired? Are the needs of a person who is non-ambulatory the same a...
Do People with Disabilities Face a Severe Housing Crisis? Housing Issues for People with DisabilitiesBeing part of the community and living as independently as possible are among the most important values and goals shared by people with disabilities, their families, and advocates. A home of one’s...
The ideal would be to have a list of all homes in every community across the United States that has been adapted to meet the needs of an individual who has special needs. The MLS is doing their part to identify homes best suited for clients who have a disability. The following article from Realto...
While an educator of children with special needs, as well as having a son with a developmental delay, I know first-hand of the gaps that exist in service delivery models. The same is true in real estate. Gaps are evident in serving and addressing the housing needs of those who have a disability. ...
After being a member of Active Rain for several months, I decided last weekend to finally begin writing this blog about my passion for serving children with special needs and their families. A few people I shared my vision with in reference to this blog, asked me if I had ever written a blog befo...
In the future and when pertinent, I will share my personal and professional reflections in reference to serving children/adults with special needs and their families. However, my primary intent is to peruse the research literature, websites, and government agencies to procure a body of informatio...
I found the following article to be beneficial. It is a first person narrative of how to assess a home in reference to home accessibility needs. In addition, the article provides an overview of related service agencies that provide financial assistance for home modifications for those who qualify...
It is not my intent to write this blog as a research based dissertation. However, there are times I will reference and provide some thoughts obtained from peer reviewed research based journal articles and textbooks.Any articles, journals or textbooks I use for this blog will be cited; the authors...
As an educator of children and adults with special needs, I provided each child, adult and family I served hands-on direction and support in reference to accessing the educational and support services that best served their needs.  As a realtor and community advocate for children and adults with ...

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