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The mortgage mess is difficult to explain. There are lots of axes to grind. Many seeking to place blame. Many looking to absolve themselves of blame. No wonder it's hard to really understand what actually happened. The embed video here is the work of Jonathan Jarvis. Jonathan is a graduate studen...
Last Wednesday at 9:00 a.m. sharp at John Bethell Title Company a nice couple walked into our Downtown office for their refinance closing. The same closing that was on our calendar for 9:00 a.m. - at our East office-- for next Monday. Yikes! Then began the questions. The phone calls. A few more q...
Meet Claire Voyant, who just joined John Bethell Title Company, Inc. Claire, is now assisting our closing team in predicting the property tax amounts for our real estate closing tax payment escrows.   Every year at this time lenders begin requiring that we insure them that the spring tax payment ...
After conducting thousands of closings I know that the title insurance commitment is the least understood and most ignored of all the residential real estate closing documents. Few buyers understand what a title commitment is for. They just know that they need it or that their lender requires it....
I'm addicted. Some of you are there with me. Getting up early. Staying up late. Writing. Posting. Thinking about writing. Thinking about posting. Praying for comments! And I've done it again. I've started another blog; this time with my friend Chris Dickens. It's called Branding Chaos. Branding, ...

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