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Update November 26th: The Wall Street Journal is reporting this morning that Fidelity will buy Lawyers Title and Commonwealth Title. Also, LandAmerica and its 1031 Exchange Company filed for reorganization under Chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code. (thanks to Dave Wirshing) In the short term, ...
I am not surprised that Fidelity called off its acquisition of LandAmerica last Friday. Whether the continued deterioration of the market, undisclosed skeletons in the closet (under reserved claims) or just part of a Bill Foley master plan to permanently weaken a major competitor and cherry pick ...
"Huh?" Deer in the headlights look. "Why would I want to do that?!?" "That's the silliest thing I've ever heard." A slight tilt of the head followed by a slowly uttered and cautious ". . . right." If you've ever tried to sell someone on joining Twitter, you've probably encounter one or more of th...
Did you ever have one of those days where people and systems conspire to provide a really bad customer service experience? One that becomes a black hole of indifference sucking all your enthusiasm into a vortex of helplessness from which nothing escapes. Welcome to my world yesterday.  My journey...
Steve Dalton commented on my last post that sometimes "title companies get in the way" of closing legitimate real estate purchases and refinances. Title companies are at the bottom of the hill that is a real estate transaction. And guess what? It all rolls down hill. Delays, misunderstandings, mi...
Sorry short sellers, not GM, Ford and Chrysler. No, I'm talking about title insurance.  LandAmerica, the nation's 3rd largest title insurance group (Lawyers Title, Commonwealth Title and lesser titles) agreed last Friday to be acquired by Fidelity, the nation's 2nd largest title insurance group (...
At John Bethell Title Company, Inc., we pride ourselves on staying Ahead of the Curve.  Anticipating the unexpected. Keeping our clients well informed. Well guys, I blew it on this one. I should have got this message out much sooner. I failed. I am profoundly sorry.  Fortunately, as I post this, ...
Getting deals closed is increasingly frustrating. The current dynamic nature of loan programs and guidelines is making everything more difficult. The lightening rod for all of this is often the loan underwriter. I'll admit that more than once I've wondered why something is a problem on a deal whe...

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