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Nobody likes the idea of Government bailing out  large corporations at tax payers expense. I am hearing that it is not a bailout but a loan guaranteed by the Federal Government to get us out of the mess we are in. Anyway you choose to look at it, a bailout is a bailout. My question is it necessar...
President Bush has proposed a $700 billion bail out for Wall Street, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, AIG and only God knows who else is waiting in the wings.  What about main street? Why are so many good people losing their jobs? What is being done to help tax payers? The hurt is great but the need is g...
As we all know, we are in a changing market and  need to change the way we approach our business. No longer do we have buyers and sellers beating down our doors instead agents go in search of qualified buyers and motivated sellers. Listing agents are becoming more creative and are staging more an...
Life as a Realtor- the way we knew or have known it- has changed. I hear Agents talk about how difficult it is to get sellers to be more realistic about the asking price on their homes, how hard it is to get buyers  off the fence and  ways to reduce Taxi Service to their clients. Lets take a mome...
Our Veterans are working very hard at home and overseas to protect our interest and we need to work equally hard at home to protect their interest. Recently I have been hearing of veterians who return home only to discover that their homes have been foreclosed on. I found it very difficult to ass...
Much is said and much has been said about the huge number of foreclosures that are saturating the market. Banks are becoming less and less inclined to take on more foreclosures. In the past the foreclosure arena was dominated and controlled by investors but today even some investors are holding b...
In yesterday's blog I solicited information on what's happening with the Government's stimulus package. Well, home builders stand to benefit. They will get to write off their losses and start building again. But will they? Every day I am hearing of more and more builders who are packing it in or ...
The sound bites may sound good but is there any substance? The word around town is that Senate Democrats and Republicans are cooperating on a bill that will provide a stimulus in the market. Can these two bickering groups forsake their fighting ways and cooperate for the betterment of the Nation?...
I hear some people saying the real estate market is hurting the economy. Others are saying the economy is hurting real estate. So, is it the economy that's hurting real estate or real estate hurting the economy? I think we are missing an important commodity and that is OIL. Does anyone remember t...
In my blog yesterday I talked about buyers, sellers and agents and the need to be rational and realistic for the market to work. Well I did hear from some of you regarding Lenders, Rates and Foreclosures but I am only going to address rates and say something about foreclosures.Interest rates have...


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