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I was minding my own business in Arvada, CO (a historic small town between Denver and Boulder) when I saw this car in front of me at a red light the other day, and thought it was one of the funniest things I'd seen in a while.  You may not believe it's real, but it was. Adverising financial servi...
One thing about Arvada - you can always tell a newbie when they mis-pronounce the name of our fair city. I saw this in Wikipedia:  (pronounced /ɑrˈvædə/) Does that help? I didn't think so! LOL The trouble comes with the pronounciation of the second 'a'. Some say it like 'day': Are-vay-duh.   But ...
When pricing their home for sale, most Colorado home sellers believe they should price it a little higher than what they really want/need to get, to allow room to negotiate, because buyers always offer less. Is it true that buyers always offer less? And is it a good idea to 'pad' the price of you...
Denver Restaurant Week starts this Saturday and runs through Friday, March 5. You're right - Denver Restaurant Week lasts two weeks. It was just so popular last year, that many restaurants continued to offer the meal special, so this year the longer schedule became official. Participating restaur...
Colorado - smack dab in the middle of the old Wild West - has some pretty wild storms, not the least of which are hail storms. I've heard we are in the hail capital of the nation. The hail can pile up until it looks like snow. I've actually slipped and slid my car up a hill in July due to hail.  ...
While I was out previewing homes for sale in Arvada the other day, one of the owners was at home. It was an elderly lady, who got a sad expression on her face as she told me she had an offer she was about to sign, although she didn't really think it was good. I looked around for her agent, thinki...
  This is from the, "Real Estate Can Be Funny" category. Take a look!   There are oodles of "don't do this" and "be sure to do that" lists available on the net for real estate advice but I thought I would rack my brain of 23+ years of real estate experience for a few ‘non-traditional' pieces of a...
Joetta's Neighborhood Newsletter Hello Friends and Neighbors! Input from Readers “Do You Want to Learn to Make Recipes,                                                 or Would You Rather Learn to Cook?” That’s what it says on the home page of I just had to check it out after I re...
Arvada's Huntington Heights Neighborhood is another desirable part of this friendly Colorado town. But it's not one of the new and trendy places, and it's not stuffed with grand estates. It's just in a nice location with established homes and mature landscaping. Huntington Heights is west of Wads...
Every year, thousands of pieces of Super Bowl memorabilia are prepared for both teams, in advance of the game, so crazed fans can buy great stuff the moment the winner is known. Did you ever wonder what happens to all the stuff labeled with the team that didn’t win? Me either. But I found out tod...

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